Miley Cyrus' Mystery Man Wanted by Police

The once-homeless man who went with Cyrus to the VMAs has a criminal record and a warrant out for his arrest.
1:39 | 08/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus' Mystery Man Wanted by Police
Whether it was a publicity stunt or a well-intentioned charitable gesture, Miley Cyrus' bold gambit at Sunday's VMAs seems to be going pear-shaped. She had to defend the young man she sent to the podium to accept the award, as a secret from his past came to light. Miley Cyrus is not one to shy away from scandal. But she might have not seen this one coming. My name is Jesse. Reporter: She took 22-year-old Jesse Helt as her date to the VMAs on Sunday. But it seems the queen of controversy cannot escape it. Turns out her mystery man is a wanted man. We learned, today, that Helt pled guilty to an attempted break-in, during a drug-related incident in the state of Oregon in 2010. And failed to obey probation. Miley connected with Helt in a charity for homeless youth. She got him a suit, a hotel room and a moment in the spotlight to bring attention to the problem. Miley leapt to his defense on Twitter. Saying people who are homeless have lived very hard lives. Jesse included. The officials told us now he's safe, as long as he stays out of Oregon. Thank you so much for your time. Reporter: When we reached his mom for comment, just hours ago, she said, quote, it's going to be taken care of. Unclear what that means exactly. Say what you will, however, about this whole dust-up. But Miley and Jesse have raised more than $200,000 for the cause.

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{"id":25139906,"title":"Miley Cyrus' Mystery Man Wanted by Police","duration":"1:39","description":"The once-homeless man who went with Cyrus to the VMAs has a criminal record and a warrant out for his arrest.","url":"/Nightline/video/miley-cyrus-mystery-man-wanted-police-25139906","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}