Monster Truck Moms

Forget mini-vans, these women are stepping into the spotlight of this mega-macho sport.
3:00 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Monster Truck Moms
-- mom's part time monster truck drivers. You've heard me in the hyper masculine world of giant trucks a small group of women are bashing and crashing their way to the top. But how -- they balance that rough and tumble world with the pressures -- family life. ABC's -- -- went to see for herself. Stand here. These -- and fearless women prefer monster truck. And we get up in the morning I love going -- -- in -- that benefit the kids he had had tracked him. Pricing. There's a new breed of driver in this -- -- world and she's a mom. Meet Michelle Franzen and -- Weston going up against the guys home while balancing the demands of family life. A lot of working moms though -- look -- -- Wednesday crazy -- But for Nancy monster trucks are family the Weston's -- on the road weeks at a time and her two sons ages seven and nine are also drivers. Her lawyer husband keeps things running behind the scenes we have a family motor -- company was caught -- -- motors for its. My husband and I -- you know travel around the United States and but the nice thing is that you get to do something with your family. Okay this doesn't take you away from their family -- -- so family tight unit operation and when we're back home not monster driving much of that race saying. We -- a family business that are at our office fancy Nancy is a big star here. -- monster truck a huge -- for a new breed of -- well -- -- -- the EB -- like this -- Sponsorships are essential to keep the operation running the -- and owns several trucks and at a quarter a million a pop plus constant maintenance. Make -- -- -- costs are high and the competition is fierce. But both Nancy and Michelle insist they feel socially accepted by the -- drivers if you ever feel any resentment -- You know thank that he got teased about it and then back in the pits both women have family in the sport Michelle's husband is also a driver. And while the men say they have no problem competing with the women. You -- -- them is another matter. Absolutely nobody wants to get behind her -- No -- she has taken out some big name drops they do not like. Since women are still quite rare they are -- novelty -- Which after all is good for business a fact not lost on the promoters -- Michelle -- That is awesome and it was he got done -- -- you. That's not only three more dislike -- you know she's. -- -- -- -- -- -- These days the real audience for monster truck isn't. With the big burly gear heads though there are still plenty of those. -- -- Without the kids monster truck have been done along time ago you know. It's all about family -- like Nancy I'm a mom to two boys so to save face I had to give want to spin -- get hot. I -- the fireproof suit the tire as time plan and climbed into bigfoot. An amusement park right here. These things can and do flipped over so safety is taken very seriously and to meet mysterious part of being strapped in so tight -- can't move my head and neck or torso. Limiting my field of vision. This is not for the claustrophobic. Let me tell formula quilts are getting involved it's our heads -- and general. But once you get going there is no denying the thrill. And for the record I -- crushed these car but my producers wouldn't let me. Still I can see -- the ladies like it I felt like Cameron. Who literally. Your car is still behind me I Gillis senior -- OK. Again I go back out even. -- And they are paving the way for the next generation. Meet fourteen year old rising -- happy married. -- -- -- -- -- My -- -- to help my time. And then round matches I was -- and. -- drives freestyle with Nancy boys. When employees and he's got that out but -- Some scenes and show yourself and what you -- -- and then shut everybody down. And looks up to Nancy for the blueprint not just for a career how to get the right endorsements and make a living in this rough and tumble world. But also how to have a life. -- monster truck or carpool. I'm -- -- for Nightline in. --

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{"id":18372602,"title":"Monster Truck Moms","duration":"3:00","description":"Forget mini-vans, these women are stepping into the spotlight of this mega-macho sport.","url":"/Nightline/video/monster-truck-moms-18372602","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}