The Mysterious Case of the Missing California Mom Found Alive

New details are emerging about what happened to Sherri Papini, who claimed she was abducted and driven 150 miles from her home.
5:08 | 11/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Mysterious Case of the Missing California Mom Found Alive
He doesn't back fling missing persons case a devoted mother of two dubbed a super mom how current job. Only to vanish police searches yielding no results for weeks until finally on Thanksgiving days she is found. But the investigation is far from over as the mystery only deepens here's ABC's Cain would work. Tonight in northern California the mystery continues to swirl around a cheery good heat. And the wind and mother of 2 found Thursday morning after she had been missing for more than three week. An army is apparently learn. Yeah. The hunt is still on her captors. 34 year old bikini describing to Hispanic women telling authorities and they were armed with a handgun and driving and dark colored SUV. And. When you learn. Yeah. She could have been assaulted. Com hit by herb doctors. This just doing sheriff's office is leading the investigation and delving into her past do you believe this is appealing story absolutely. Tonight we're learning authorities will interview per heaney again to see if she can offer them anymore clues to help them close the case we do want her to feel at these. Being able to provide us with additional information. A whole idea is to keep her as. Less traumatize and is comfortable as possible because this is not an interrogation this is really sort of a therapeutic interviews to get to a lot of details that could potentially help them solve this case. It was dark just like this when Sherry cooking he told authorities her captors just drop drop. Right they're behind me a 115. Miles from her home on Thanksgiving Day. Authorities say she was bound with restraints but was able to flag down a passing driver other drivers were calling 911. My niece a woman kept out of nowhere free anti clean leaning what looked like Cher happened down. Alison Sutton was driving down this dark yellow county road. When she says she passed that genie and called nine on want cheap treatments just. Came out of nowhere it startled me but I figured you know some dean who is desperate and asked for help that they were willing to. The east so close to traffic that they might get case. They really needed help at the time Sutton didn't know who the woman won its thank you feel like I got to be a witness to the small miracle. But beanie was treated and released from a local hospital where she was reunited with her has been Keefe. It's unknown if she seen her children yet authorities say when they first interviewed her bikini was terrified. And offered few deet tails about her captors to women apparently dropped her off. But it's unclear what their role might be good Fini who has been described by her family as super mom. Vanished on November 2 after going up her run and her husband Keith cauldron I'm on wine when he came home from work to an empty house. I'm coming honey I'm trying and doing everything I can't. And. I love you pleading for his wife's safe return bring her home bring her home and does bring her home. Heat instantly began his desperate search using find my iPhone app you located cheery cell phone on the side of the road. Strands of her hair tangled in her ear buds heat past thinking polygraph test ruling him out early as a suspect. It was in the feeling like a relief for mean I just want my life back. Practically Mason authorities examining all angles including if the beanie had left on her all. Some are asking could this keep playing out like a scene from the movie go on girl this. Think he convincing murder you have to discipline the perfect. Family offered a 50000 dollar reward for any information. Investigators are analyzing the pea knees restraints and a clothing for DNA evidence. And sifting through surveillance data including camera footage and cell phone records the Shasta county sheriff's office is looking into the peace passed her former marriage and divorce. And our online activity. Have you spoken with her ex husband. I have not my investigators theft and what they learned from him. Since it's an ongoing investigation I can't can share that information. This alleged abduction comes after two prominent cases of women who were found dead this summer while out running alone. 27 year old Vanessa are caught in prince in Massachusetts. In just a week prior Karine a but trial of queens. New York if you're a woman. You just cannot go ride alone you really need to run in pairs or more than two could all be women that you need to run in a group. After three weeks missing. It's unknown when Philippine heat will get back to her normal life it takes a long time typically for people who've been. Traumatize. To this extent and it's not going to happen overnight for Nightline I'm can't whitworth in Redding California.

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{"id":43837872,"title":"The Mysterious Case of the Missing California Mom Found Alive","duration":"5:08","description":"New details are emerging about what happened to Sherri Papini, who claimed she was abducted and driven 150 miles from her home.","url":"/Nightline/video/mysterious-case-missing-california-mom-found-alive-43837872","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}