Woman Awarded Millions from Collectors

One mom fought debt collector's abuse and won a court settlement.
6:05 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Woman Awarded Millions from Collectors
collect on the debt collectors. Wheeling, west virginia may seem like a small place, but from this modest home base, a scrappy native has done something big, going after an abusive debt collector that was hounding her and people nationwide and winning the biggest judgment ever against a collectors. I'm a mom and a housewife and I'm an accidental activist. The court ordered the debt collection company to pay diana may a staggering $10,086 but they've not paid her. There are going to be people out there that are going to stand up against you. Getting justice is never easy. Let's start at the beginning, three years ago when a debt collector from a company called rfa left a message implying diana's house was in jeopardy if she doesn't pay a debt. They're not process of serving court documents. They have some information now pending questions at the property. It wasn't even our debt. You're required to contact -- diana wrote them a cease and desist letter but a few days later she received another call and this one looked like it was from her couy government, specifically the sheriff's office. Hello? I'm trying to reach diana. This is diana. Who? Pardon me? It was a word so vulgar that I was just -- I was just stunned. I want to make sure that you get gang banged. I felt violated but then i realized -- you know what's very interesting. Speak up a little clearer because you're on tape. Yay. I immediately hng up and dialed the sheriff's department and said somebody just threaten to sexually ska ually assault me. What did you do. I got my husband's gun out of the dresser, took it over here. I wanted it close by so I hung it right on the bed post. Later she learned the call hasn't come from the sheriff's office at all. The caller id had been manipulating. Phone records prove the call came from the debt collectors, went through a service that faked the sheriff's number and then arrived at diana's house. He picked the wrong person. He absolutely picked the wrong person. You see, diana has fought intrusive calls before. In 1999 she won a class action against a major telemarketer who is salesmen wouldn't stop calling people. She has recorded her phone calls ever since. I know that there is a big line to do your . People who did do this kind of stuff shouldn't be in business, be associated with anybody in business. These are the kind of people we want in prison. Her attorneys sued for illegal practices. Rfa failed to show up in court. I was so frightened. Reporter: The judge called their actions malicious, ruled that all of the allegations were true and awarded that record $10 million judgment. It was shortly after ward that we first caught up with diana and she was ready to turn the tables and try to collect from the collectors. In april of last year we found rfa's orange county, california of offices abandoned. It of several companies run by the same people so we tried other locationed. Can I talk to somebody about the $10 million judgment about the company. Anybody want to comment? How about you? Are you doing the same kind of abusive debt collections here? Thank you very much. Have a good day. Do they make it a habit of impersonating police officers? I'm not going to tell you that. Reporter: Next we went to the headquarters of the collection empire. Who is this? Are you planning on paying or is she going to have to send collectors after you. Reporter: Finally we tried the company's outside lawyer. Tom? I'm here with abc news here to ask about your lawsuit. We thought you might like to respond now. Responding now. Okay. Reporter: Nearly a year and a half later that lawyer no longer represents rfa so we contacted the collector's new attorneys, but they declined to comment. As for diana, so far she hasn't gotten her money because of a little known fact. Courts award people judgments but don't help them collect. I don't know that I'll ever collect a dime, but if I can get their operation shut down, that would make me very happy. Reporter: And then a few days ago diana got some news. What has happened? Well, the end of july the federal trade commission went in and shut down all the offices of the debt collector in california. Reporter: The government estimates that over five years the companies have made $140 million off of their abusive debt collection tactics. Now the feds have seized their assets in yet another attempt to collect from the collectors. Have you gotten any of the money? So far I haven't collected anything but don't count me out. Next, you've earned it.

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{"id":19899597,"title":"Woman Awarded Millions from Collectors ","duration":"6:05","description":"One mom fought debt collector's abuse and won a court settlement. ","url":"/Nightline/video/woman-awarded-millions-collectors-19899597","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}