2010 Census Moves 12 House Districts


"That all doesn't translate necessarily into votes, a lot are under 18, some aren't citizens," said Frey.

Population gains in the other Sun Belt states may result from people migrating from Democratic-leaning states; in Nevada, for example, the influx of new residents generally flows from neighboring California.

During Tuesday's White House briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs downplayed the political impact of the reapportionment. The Southeast and Southwest states, he said, are purple.

Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) said Tuesday's release pours "cold water" on Republicans predicting a looming redistricting disaster for Democrats because, he argued, much of the population growth in Republican states comes from Democrats.

"Democratic communities and constituencies have grown in size in states like Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Washington," said Israel in a statement. "In states that will lose a seat, the number of Republicans who will be competing with each other creates opportunities for House Democrats."

A bigger Texas may not necessarily be so Texan after all. As Census Bureau director Robert Groves pointed out, new residents may not necessarily agree with their new home state's traditional politics.

"I'm not a political scientist, but I do know enough about demography that we should at least be cautious in predicting how these new residents will behave."

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