Polling in Afghanistan: Rocket Attacks, Arson and Highway Bandits

Laghman We are often faced with problems in our province. But the biggest problem with us was that we can only find cars going in one direction while traveling from a particular place to another. For example, when we leave for a place by morning, we can easily find cars by fare but cannot find it from that side back by early evening.

Another problem is that, there are Taliban insurgents vigorously active in the Daulat Shah and Alisheng districts of the province where they afflict and endanger our moderators while traveling for an interview.

Roadside bombs are mostly planted in Alisheng district where dozens are being killed and many others sustain injuries each day. I think it has quite often happened! I think the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are very much terrible.

Armed insurgents are active in Alingar district where travel is an enormous issue. If somebody dares to travel they do confront the problems.

Sometimes devastating deluges hit the village and affects the bridges and roads.

Logar While I was dealing with the project, I saw a tractor which abruptly skidded off the road. This happened on the one highway of Taraz Qala named area. And another car made an accident on the road of Tangi Waghjan valley on one of the busiest highways.

I watched a series of daunting clashes between the anti-government elements (probably the Taliban) and the ISAF forces on the highway that goes to Kolangar district of Logar province. And I heard that something had happened on the same day in Baraki Barak region too.

Worst of all was the rumors that indicated that Taliban insurgents had blocked the way and abducted Afghan National Army soldiers with them.

Nimroz 1- Beside transportation problems, the problems we faced were: 2- Seasonal storms of dust and dirt. 3- Traffic incidents during the storm in Zaranj city. 4- Placing road bombs from government oppositions were making our job difficult and risky.

We witnessed rocket attacks on the second day of our work from Taliban on Nimroz airport.

The security issues were bombing of Taliban and placing bombs and mines on the roads of Kang district and Sia-Chashman village.

Nuristan On my first day of trip, landslide on the main highway had caused blockade of the way. I would just say it was hard.

Taliban insurgents blazed and set afire to a girls' school in Mandool district and demolished the entire school building.

A bomb blast struck the main highway between Laghman and Nuristan provinces. The mine was apparently planted by Taliban. Two people suffered wounds as a result of that blast. The victims were hospitalized by the security forces and they carried two suspected individuals on charges of the assault with them afterwards. People said police forces had launched investigation into the case.

Torrential rains had affected bridges and farmlands in Dawab district. So people were compelled to turn into the district administration to take steps. Eventually the district chief vowed a strong stance.

Paktia There are no return cars in all the districts of the province. We are confronting trouble with this.

There were some people who did not want to be interviewed by us, and were willing to waste our time.

Panjshir Transportation issues (car trouble, car accidents, etc.): 1- Lack of mini buses 2- High prices of fuel, and road fares 3- Anarchy

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