TRANSCRIPT: ABC News/Facebook/WMUR Democratic Debate

We thank you so much. And we're going to turn now to the Facebook command center, co-sponsors of course of tonight's debate. And Bianna Golodryga is there. Now that both debates have concluded, what are you seeing from the audience participating on Facebook?

GOLODRYGA: Well, a lot of people weighing in right now. I want to start with your question on what people's responses were to the surprises in the Republican debate. The one thing people were saying is that Romney, they were surprised at how beaten up he was a lot throughout the debate.

Another person said, "I was surprised at how much mudslinging there was going on, stemming from this Romney." And another person said, "I'm surprised at how out of touch these politicians are. They have no understanding of poverty."

Lastly, a person said, "I'm surprised there was no more talk about the environment."

Now let's go to what surprised us.

We're going to start with the Democrats' response, on to the charge now, what issue do you wish the Democratic candidates spent more time on. This surprised us because still, just like the Republicans, the economy was a key issue here -- 44 percent said the Democrats didn't spend enough time talking about the economy. Health care followed that, by 13 percent.

Moving on, could a Democratic president keep America safe? Sixty-six percent of you said yes; 27 percent, no.

And lastly, is tonight's debate giving you a better sense of who you'd vote for? Eighty percent said yes; 20 percent said no.

Diane, this is just beginning. And of course people can weigh in on Facebook until the elections in November.

SAWYER: So both Republican and Democrat sides said that the economy was what they wanted to hear.

GOLODRYGA: The economy. Surprising, yes.

SAWYER: All right. Thanks, Bianna.

We'll take a break. Closing thoughts when we come back.


SAWYER: Want to turn now to George Stephanopoulos for a closing thought.

STEPHANOPOULOS: My big question coming in is did the debates make any difference tonight?

I think on the Republican side, I didn't see anything that stopped John McCain's momentum. In fact, I think Mitt Romney probably was hurt tonight.

But I also think in the crossover that John McCain probably helped Barack Obama...

SAWYER: Because?

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... because he spoke to Republicans tonight, not to independents in New Hampshire, and that's a very important voting bloc.

On the Democratic side, it's a clear battle, change vs. experience, Edwards and Obama for change, Hillary Clinton for experience.

SAWYER: Yes, some 44 percent of the voters are independents. They can vote either way there...


SAWYER: ... Democrat or Republican.

Thanks to you, George Stephanopoulos.


SAWYER: And thanks to all of you.

We want to remind you we'll have more on "Good Morning America Weekend." George will have more tomorrow from New Hampshire, and also "ABC News Now" will have the debate again in cased you missed it, and don't forget

Thank you for being with us. Thank you for voting. And we'll see you tomorrow.

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