Cooper Details Conversation with Rove

Jeffress also returned to the fact that Miller had Joe Wilson's phone number in her notes as she worked on her story about the Iraq WMD hunt and questions about pre-war intelligence. "I cant remember who told me that Joe Wilson may be helpful."

Miller was questioned extensively about her June 23, 2003 meeting with Libby where he allegedly told her that Wilson's wife worked in the "non-proliferation bureau."

Miller said she had been confused about the word "bureau" because she assumed it was referencing the FBI.

The defense also asked Miller about her notes and the incorrect names she had for Wilson's wife where she had written "Valerie Flame."

"Where did you get this information?" Jeffress asked?

Miller told the jury, "I don't remember."

"It didn't come from Mr. Libby." Jeffress stated to which Miller said, "I don't believe it did."

Attempting to demonstrate that there may be doubts about Miller's testimony supporting the prosecution Miller was then shown another grand jury excerpt where she said that after Wilson published his op-ed "I decided to ask as many people as I could think of."

Miller testified that after Wilson's op-ed ran she thought it was odd that a person connected with the CIA on WMD issues would be making voracious claims about the administration skewing intelligence.

Under re-direct examination by Fitzgerald, Miller testified that during her meetings with Libby she was more focused on working on Iraq WMD issues and that Mr. Libby was focused on who-said-what of the State of the Union.

"I was focused on Chemical and biological weapons, not the he said she said, Washington politics," Miller said.

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