In Clinton, a Surrogate From the World of Romneys

Other Democrats, too, have hinted to Obama that he should cut back on the Bain assault, and lately the president's campaign has tried to shift its focus to Romney's record as the governor of Massachusetts. Those warnings have come from the high-profile Obama supporters Cory Booker, the Newark mayor whose political career has been buttressed by Wall Street donations and who has tried to draw Wall Street money to his city, and Harold Ford, the former congressman who works for Morgan Stanley.

Clinton's damage has been done, and despite his penchant for ripping up the talking points, it would be rare to see him break from the Obama campaign's guidance again soon.

"For better or for worse, I don't think that he's particularly relished the past few days. I don't think he wants to repeat this experience," Galston said. "It's a little embarrassing to have your chain yanked."

Be sure to watch "This Week" on Sunday. We will get reaction to Clinton's recent comments from our powerhouse roundtable.

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