How Jumping Castles, Waffle Irons Are Helping To Elect Obama

The Gale family hosted a similar event during the 2008 election and raised between $1,000 and $1,500 for then-Sen. Obama's campaign. This year, Gale said he hopes to raise "a few thousand."

Because campaign finance laws prohibit them from using paid advertising, the Yard Sale for Obama organizers teamed up with a cohort of their engineering friends to create a YouTube video promoting the yard sale. But the result is no ordinary online ad.

Five months, three helium canisters and one crash water landing later, Dabel launched a three minute video of an Obama bobble head attached to a weather balloon floating into space.

The bobble head, which is mounted behind a tiny white picket fence "getting ready for his yard sale," as Dabel said, soars 20 miles above the city with the earth curving behind the president's nodding plastic head before the balloon pops and the mini-Obama figurine parachutes back to the ground.

"This is really a huge thing. We can't spend any money on marketing so Sean came up with this idea," Silverman said, adding if viewers "want to get excited about Obama that's cool. If they want to get excited about geeking out on space parts that's cool, too."

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