Not even Mitt Romney can escape London's crippling traffic

LONDON—Even Mitt Romney is not immune from the traffic gridlock crippling city streets here ahead of Friday's opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee was forced to abandon his motorcade and walk to his only public meeting of the day: a sitdown with Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Along the way, he shook hands with random people who stopped to greet the American politician on the street.

At the Irish Embassy, reporters were ushered in the room just as Romney was responding to an inaudible question from Kenny. "Just being governor of Massachusetts, which is almost a part of Ireland," Romney was heard saying, in mid-sentence.

It was not immediately clear what Romney was discussing. Soon, the two were taken to a seating area, where they made small talk as the media observed.

"So you had to walk from the hotel?" Kenny said, per a pool report.

"Not bad at all. I enjoyed the walk. You also had to walk?" Romney replied.

"Yes, we're used to walking in Ireland," Kenny said.

"I guess we don't have to walk, it's enjoyable to walk. It's a beautiful day," Romney replied.

Within minutes, reporters were shown from the room.

The Republican candidate is planning to attend Friday night's Olympic opening ceremonies with his family—including wife, Ann, and sons, Tagg and Craig and their families. He's scheduled to leave London tomorrow for Israel, the second country he'll visit on his seven-day overseas tour.

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