Mitt Romney as President: Can His Day One Plans Work?

Kevin Hassett, an economic adviser to Romney, described job creation as "more than a one-day job," but said it starts with a package that includes three key provisions: lowering the corporate tax rate, lowering the individual tax rate, and putting Social Security on a "sustainable" path.

None of those things creates jobs directly, but the Romney camp's thinking goes that combined, they will create an environment more hospitable to hiring. Lowering tax rates, for example, would lead to an immediate celebration in the markets, which would bolster companies' confidence, Hassett said.

And cutting corporate taxes, he said, would give companies less of a reason to ship jobs to other countries.

"Corporations would then have a much stronger incentive to invest here in the United States, because our corporate rate would be about equal to our OECD competitors," Hassett said, referring to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international group that tries to improve economic conditions around the world.

As for intraparty fights, Hassett offered a more optimistic view — that assuming the Senate changes hands along with the White House, Romney would have little trouble executing his plans, and if the Tea Party or Democrats stood in his way, he would find ways to work with them.

History won't soon forget the struggles Obama had, though, trying to pass legislation while the Democrats had commanding control of both houses of Congress. Squabbles with reluctant Democrats resulted in a cheaper-than-desired stimulus, and a health law without a public option.

"He's got a career behind him as a problem solver," Hassett said of Romney. "Look what he did at the Olympics, for goodness's sake."

"Romney's not going to be like Obama," Hassett added, "always whining and making excuses about why he can't solve any of our nations' problems."

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