Southern GOP Chairs See Hurdles for Romney on Super Tuesday

Romney's allies have invested heavily in Tennessee. Restore Our Future, the super Pac supporting Romney's presidential bid, has spent $603,792 on ad buys targeted against Rick Santorum in the state, according to its Federal Election Commission filings. Romney has strong support in Tennessee, including the endorsement of Gov. Bill Haslam, the state chairman of the Romney campaign.

Candidates face a time challenge in Oklahoma, where the ground campaign is more important than in some of the earlier states, such as Florida, explained Pinnell. With nine other states to consider, candidates cannot focus on their ground gain in Oklahoma the same way they could in early primary states like Iowa.

Oklahoma prides itself on being the reddest state in the country, and Pinnell said for that reason, victory in the Sooner State can be a trump card for the victor. "All of our candidates are trying to be able to make the claim that they've closed the deal with the base, and there's nowhere better for them to make that claim than if they win the reddest state in the country," Pinnell said.

In Georgia, Romney and Santorum will likely be vying for second place, Everhart predicted, as Gingrich was likely to win the state he represented in Congress for 20 years. But Georgia has the largest delegate prize of any of the Super Tuesday states -- 76. But since the delegates are awarded proportionately, a second-place finish can help any candidate.

All of the Southern state party leaders emphasized the importance of victory in their region.

"If you don't win the South, you don't win the nomination," said Everhart.

ABC News's Matt Negrin contributed reporting to this story.

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