One to Watch: The Virginia Governor's Race


"Barring some extremely unexpected turn of events, it will be McAuliffe versus Cuccinelli in 2013," Skelley acknowledged. "The only other wild card is if Bill Bolling decides to run as an independent, but I'm dubious about that, but you can't write it off totally."

Bolling has not endorsed Cuccinelli yet, instead telling the Richmond Times-Dispatch he had "serious reservations about [Cuccinelli's] ability to effectively and responsibly lead the state" and somewhat left the door open for an independent run. Skelley says if Bolling "were to do that, he would do that knowing he was tearing apart the Virginia Republican party to a certain extent and by running he would be directly helping McAuliffe win" by splitting the GOP vote.

LaCivita said he does not believe Bolling will enter the race as an independent and in time will back Cuccinelli.

Bolling was surprised when Cuccinelli originally decided to take him on for the nomination, another reason why hard feelings remain. An aide to the attorney general explains it as, "Bill is pissed right now so we will let Bill be pissed," noting as time goes on, he believes voters will forget about the strife between the two.

And then of course there's alleged White House party crasher and reality television star Tareq Salahi, who's challenging Cuccinelli. While no one's taking his bid seriously, the two will meet at the May 18 Republican nominating convention.

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