Wisconsin Recall Election Seen as Referendum


Judging by one of his latest ads, Walker is taking nothing for granted. On Wednesday he unleashed a brutal attack ad against Barrett, claiming that the Milwaukee mayor did nothing while a 2-year-old was almost beaten to death.

"This 2-year-old spent six days in intensive care after being severely beaten, but Tom Barrett's police department didn't consider it a violent crime," the ad stated. "Tom Barrett claims violent crime is down 15.5 percent, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel found that hundreds of beatings, stabbings and child abuse cases were never even counted. Violent crime in Milwaukee is up, and Tom Barrett isn't telling the truth."

The stakes are high on Tuesday. The state has never recalled a governor in its history, and the passion in Wisconsin runs deep. Earlier this month, an argument over the recall election left one man in the hospital. Jeffrey Radle, a resident of Chippewa Falls, backs Walker, but his estranged wife, Amanda, does not. When she wanted to go to vote for another candidate during the recall election primary, he tried to block her from getting to the polls. She then hit him with her SUV, sending him to the hospital with head, neck and back injuries.

Matthew Jaffe covers the 2012 campaign for ABC News and Univision.

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