ABC News' The Note: First Source for Political News

"I said, 'Really, that was my unit? And I don't remember seeing you there.' So I called my friends and said, 'Did you know that George Bush served in our unit?' and everyone said, 'No I never saw him there.'

Text: Tell us whom you served with, Mr. President.

Mintz: "It would be impossible to be unseen in a unit of that size."

Text: George Bush has some explaining to do.

Voice over and text: Texans for Truth is responsible for this advertisement.

Columnist Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times speaks with Mintz, a former Air National Guardsman in Alabama, who claims that he never saw President Bush show up for duty at the Air National Guard in the fall of 1972, in what Kristof claims is his "first interview with a national news organization." LINK

USA Today 's Mark Memmott Notes that the ad "could renew questions" about Bush's National Guard service. Ya think? LINK

Memmott Notes: "Texans for Truth is an arm of DriveDemocracy, an Austin-based organization that got its initial funding from the liberal group"

CEG speaks!: the doctrine of pre-emption:

In a memo going to congressional supporters of President Bush and top Republicans today, RNC chairman Ed Gillespie lays out the charges he expects the candidate to face in the coming days and sort of smears Senator Kerry in the process of denouncing Kerry's smears!

The subject line of this memo is "brace yourself."

"In response to President Bush's Agenda for America's Future and a critique of his policies and Senate record, Senator Kerry's campaign is implementing a strategy of vicious personal attacks against the president and Vice President."

"It's not like Bob Shrum needed encouragement to engage in personal attacks. At a Kerry rally Friday morning in Ohio, campaign surrogate John Glenn compared the Republican Convention to a Nazi rally, and Kerry called the president unfit to lead our nation and once again sought to divide the country by who served and how 35 years ago."

Gillespie writes that "Democratic strategist" Susan Estrich revealed the new strategy in her column.

"So the former Dukakis campaign manager has an advance copy of Democrat donor Kitty Kelly's book, which promises to throw unsubstantiated gossip at President Bush in the same way she falsely maligned the late President Reagan as a date rapist who paid for a girlfriend's abortion and wrongly castigated Nancy Reagan as an adulterer who had an affair with Frank Sinatra. A recent story says Kelly's book alleges President Bush used cocaine at Camp David while his father was President, which is as credible as her story that then Governor and Nancy Reagan smoked marijuana with Jack Benny and George and Gracie Burns."


"And tonight on CBS, longtime Democratic operative Ben Barnes -- a friend of, major contributor to and Nantucket neighbor of Senator Kerry's and vice chair of the Kerry Campaign--will repudiate his statement under oath that he had no contact with the Bush family concerning the president's National Guard service. (Anyone surprised that Barnes would contradict a statement he made under oath probably doesn't know his long history of political scandal and financial misdealings.)"

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