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Bush spokesman Scott Stanzel shot back: "John Kerry is flailing about, making baseless attacks grounded on the discredited assertions of a former presidential candidate. The Kerry campaign has added a lot of new people lately. I wonder if ["Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker] Michael Moore is their new foreign policy adviser."

ABC News Vote 2004: Nader-Camejo '04:

In today's Boston Globe , College of the Holy Cross History Prof. David J. O'Brien writes that even among the throngs of people upset with Ralph Nader's decision to run, the independent presidential candidate has still got it. "When it comes to matters of democratic practice and the public interest, Nader, to steal Jesse Jackson's phrase, 'keeps hope alive.'" LINK

In Sunday's Washington Post Outlook section, Ralph Nader accused both Democrats and Republicans of employing dirty tricks to keep him off the presidential ballots in a variety of states. "Ballot access laws are so arbitrary and complex that they leave small parties open to legal pestering." Not to mention a party collecting signatures to put a candidate on the ballot that it thinks will hurt its opponent — but evidently refusing to take that help doesn't violate principles. LINK

Welcome to the big leagues, Mr. Nader.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Bob Von Sternberg reports that Nader looks to be safe on the ballot in Minnesota and DFL Chairman Mike Erlandson says that Democrats there won't try to stop him. LINK

The AP reports Nader drew a crowd of 800 to a campaign event in Missoula, MT, this weekend, where he will be on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent. LINK

Though he's not on the Idaho ticket, Nader made some noise in Boise this weekend. LINK

The AP's Rachel Zoll Notes Ralph Nader "made an aggressive pitch" for the endorsement of the American-Muslim leaders this weekend. LINK

Republican National Convention: aftermath:

Stephanie Gaskell of the New York Post writes up Rudy Giuliani's Newsweek numbers stating he swayed more voters than any other convention primetime speaker not on the ticket. LINK

The New York Daily News is still talking about Giuliani's speech. Didn't that happen like, a week ago? A new Newsweek poll shows 50% of voters want Giuliani to run in 2008. LINK

What are we going to do about that joke about dangerous places, Chuck Schumer, and a television camera? Apparently, New York's senior senator chose not to rebut Senator Miller's convention speech even though he was requested to do so. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' George Skelton gives very high marks to Gov. Schwarzenegger for his convention speech. LINK

Gov. Schwarzenegger made a mid-flight change in plans heading back west from New York. The weekend in Sun Valley apparently sounded much more appealing than Sacramento. LINK


Also marking the occasion of today's launch of the final eight-week sprint, the New Yorker's David Remnick went down to Nashville, TN to spend some time with that fella who won the popular vote (second largest vote total to Ronald Regan's 1984 reelection campaign) last time around. LINK


Last week on TV or in the newspaper, next week on the campaign: Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post looks at the swinging doors between operative and talking head. LINK

Paul Begala, over to you.

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