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The Washington Times ledes that Kerry said yesterday that the "only legitimate reason" for invading Iraq was the threat of weapons of mass destruction, when less than a month ago "he said he would have voted to authorize war even if he knew such weapons would not be found." LINK

Scot Lehigh's Boston Globe column today looks at the camps inside the Kerry camp. LINK

"There's the old infrastructure of former Ted Kennedy staffers Cahill and Stephanie Cutter plus consultants Bob Shrum, Tad Devine, and Mike Donilon; there are the new Clinton recruits; and there are Kerry's longtime Boston advisers."

The Washington Post 's Jeffrey Birnbaum reports that "in bolstering his inner circle of advisers with veterans from previous Democratic campaigns, Senator John F. Kerry (Mass.) has also chosen to hire lobbyists with close ties to a wide array of businesses, including drug companies and Microsoft Corp." LINK

The AP ad-guru Liz Sidoti Notes the arrival of the negative Kerry ads all over the country. LINK

Read Al Hunt's entire campaign journal column for his take on the Kerry staff news, the state of the race, and even ballot measures!

"Local Democratic officials told The Observer they weren't sure if Mr. Kerry could recover from a month's pounding by the Bush campaign. One major contributor to Mr. Kerry's Presidential campaign, who insisted on anonymity, even said he'd probably damp down his giving to Mr. Kerry's campaign over his disappointment with how it is being run," reports Ben Smith of the New York Observer. LINK

Glenn Hubbard (remember him?) writes in the Wall Street Journal that John Kerry is likely to raise your income taxes.

The New York Observer weighs the pros and cons of Teresa Heinz Kerry. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Ron Brownstein offers up a Los Angeles Times news analysis exploring George W. Bush's Trumanesque attempt to restructure the United States' foreign policy goals and strategies. LINK

The New York Times on the Log Cabins sitting out the race. LINK

The Los Angeles Times reports the Log Cabin Republicans are starting to look forward to Gov. Schwarzenegger's reelection campaign, should there be one. But in this year's top contest, the group is staying on the sidelines. LINK

"Some demographers believe that if Bush loses any of this support because of his backing of a constitutional amendment that would prohibit same-sex marriage, it could hurt the president's chances in November of winning several battleground states — Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington."

"Exit polling found in the 2000 election that 45,000 gay voters cast ballots for Bush in Florida, which he carried by 537 votes."

The Kansas City Star's Kraske follows the president's trip, and his remarks, across the Show-Me state yesterday — speaking to ticket-holding supporters with sprinkled protestors along the way (the largest protest group gathered outside his Lee's Summit event). LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Notes he was "playing both political defense and offense before large and mostly friendly crowds." LINK

Rick Klein looks at the BC04 strategy and chances in New Hampshire, after Cheney's visit to Manchester yesterday. LINK

The Washington Post 's Harold Meyerson takes a look at President Bush's "game of risk" with the economy. LINK

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