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"On Wednesday night in Madison Square Garden, he appeared in a place he typically shuns--the spotlight--to do what he has done best in a long political career: set the table for the boss."

Mark Z. Barabak of the Los Angeles Times looks at back at last night's "aggression" and peeks ahead at what we will learn tonight. LINK

"The address may go a long way toward setting the tone and agenda for the final eight weeks of the neck-and-neck campaign."

The New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Robin Toner have a great summary of Day Three. LINK

Republican National Convention: Karl Rove:

The Republican National Convention 2004 = Karl Rove's coming out party? The Boston Globe's Jurkowitz Notes the arrival of Bush's Brain all over TV, something he has avoided like the plague till now. LINK

Rove say what?

"So White House senior adviser Karl Rove thinks the war on terrorism is similar to the conflict in Northern Ireland. The rather peculiar comparison surfaced during an interview Wednesday with the Associated Press. 'This is going to be more like the conflict in Northern Ireland, where the Brits fought terrorism, and there's no sort of peace accord with al Qaeda saying, 'We surrender,' ' Rove said." LINK

"Hmm . . . bet that will raise a few eyebrows in Belfast."

"The 30-year conflict between republicans seeking a united, independent Ireland and unionists wishing to retain the link with Britain claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people before a political resolution was achieved in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. The leader of Northern Ireland's Ulster Unionist Party, David Trimble, who is attending the Republican National Convention as a guest of the International Democrat Union, acknowledged that the comments left him a little perplexed."

The Boston Globe's team of Kranish and Healy Note that despite the official White House line, "some of those closest to the president have kept alive the questions about Kerry's Vietnam service and showed they are particularly willing to go after Kerry for his antiwar activities in 1971." LINK

Republican National Convention: money:

"Bush Sues to Stop '527' Groups Backing Kerry," headlines the Post. LINK

No one has yet sued, in the rhetorical sense, the White House for its ledgermain on this entire issue.

Republican National Convention: protests and security:

A "law enforcement source" explains to the New York Daily News how two sets of protestors made it in the Garden yesterday. "People are standing outside their hotels handing out credentials, no questions asked. And it's Republican staffers who are doing it … They want to fill the empty seats." A convention spokeswoman says "that's silly" and denies passes were handed out willy-nilly. LINK

Republican National Convention: battlegrounds:

Detroit Free Press headline: "Cheney: Kerry Unfit to Lead" and it gets more prominent play than Kobe Bryant who also appears on the front page.

Plummeting auto sales (LINK) and Kobe get higher placement on the front page of the Detroit News, but it is the Vice President's photograph that dominates the page. LINK

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: "Cheney pounds Kerry on defense" LINK

Toledo Blade: "Cheney leads GOP attack on Bush rival" LINK

Des Moines Register: "Cheney unleashes attack on Kerry" LINK

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Cheney lauds bush's leadership" LINK

Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Cheney, Zell Miller take off gloves" LINK

Raleigh News and Observer: "Cheney calls Kerry indecisive" LINK

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