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This morning, the New York Times op-ed features a particularly tasty treat for anyone -- what are we saying? -- EVERYONE!! -- who's not only interested in this Republican convention, but who's contemplated political and convention history. It's The Note's own Republican convention quiz, rendered in a beautiful graphic that we can't link to directly here, but we can get you in the neighborhood. LINK

Today, President Bush flies to Wheeling, WV to campaign and then returns to the White House.

Vice President Cheney attends a rally with New York Gov. George Pataki and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Ellis Island at noon ET. At 5:00 pm ET, he has a podium check at Madison Square Garden.

Sen. John Kerry is in Nantucket where he will remain there with no public schedule until Wednesday, Aug. 31, when he flies to Nashville, TN to address the American Legion convention.

At 3:30 pm ET, Sen. John Edwards flies from Washington to Wilmington, NC. On Monday at 11 am ET in Wilmington, Edwards will deliver a critique of President Bush's foreign policy with Gen. Wesley Clark by his side. Following the speech, Edwards will make himself available for network interviews.

Former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton speak at Riverside Church, New York, NY.

Nobody knows how many protesters will show up today or what will happen when they begin to move around, but the media is/are all over it.

It's safe to say: there WILL be some arrests.

Republican National Convention:

The Washington Post's Dan Balz -- who is constitutionally obligated to write a must-read on the Sunday before every national political convention -- outlines what President Bush and his party need to accomplish this week, looking at how the GOP is focusing on President Bush's strengths as a leader on terrorism and successful in keeping America safer, shifting in an attempt to counter opposition to the war in Iraq and economic disappointments. LINK

While polls are showing the President in a positive position going into the convention, "the sense of relief that Bush's condition looks better than expected did little to obscure deeper concerns among Republicans about the overall race that still tilts against the president and about the importance of using the convention to move the contest more decisively in his direction," Balz writes.

The New York Times' David Sanger Notes the President's preparation for the convention this week, edging his campaign's message toward the center, "stripping his speeches of strong ideology, emphasizing economic pragmatism, even admitting to making what he casts as modest errors in judgment in the Iraq war. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Barabak on Bush's task this week while he's running in a race that is statistically tied - forward-looking, agenda-setting, and maybe a little less Kerry-bashing (or not). LINK

Republican National Convention: the President:

The New York Times' Adam Nagourney paints an absolute must-read picture of President Bush's personal involvement in his campaign -- if not in the driver's seat, then navigating, surely -- from looking at early ad cuts to talking tactic and strategy -- poll numbers, campaign activity and state voter registration numbers -- with Karl Rove in morning meetings. Nagourney also offers details on the "Breakfast Club" that plots strategy at Rove's home. LINK

(Note to the staff of CharlieRose: BACON!!!!)

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