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The New York Times' Robin Toner and David Kirkpatrick report that the Republican Party approved its platform yesterday with public stances against abortion, same-sex marriage, and other gay rights that showed off the clout wielded by social conservatives who, despite the moderates being presented this week in prime time, are in the driver's seat. LINK

The New York Times' David Brooks writes that Republicans are not having John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and Arnold Schwarzenegger speak because they are moderate, but rather because they are courageous. LINK

We are not going to even try to make fun of the way the Times juxtaposes its lead headline and subhead today. See for yourself.

Kit Seelye of the New York Times examines the large/small role of moderates in the Republican Party and its convention. LINK

Florida delegates are getting lots of attention, but their minds are focused on today's primary and the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. LINK

What does the future hold for Jeb Bush? LINK

USA Today's Andrea Stone goes to extremes to talk about moderates in the GOP. LINK

USA Today's Jim Drinkard finds the GOP 527 Progress for America in New York and has Ben Ginsberg and John McCain talking about donors wanting to level the playing field in the short term. LINK

All eyes on 2008 -- even delegates --reports the Washington Times. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Jane Norman writes about Sen. Chuck Hagel's quality time with the Iowa delegation on Monday. LINK

It had the Virginia delegation buzzing. And now, the state GOP has to decide how to replace retiring Rep. Ed Schrock. Yes, Terry Nelson, we saw you talking to Tom Davis last night.

Roll Call Notes that the new candidate will face Democratic David Ashe, a Marine reservist and veteran of the Iraqi war. LINK

Republican National Convention: money:

The Los Angeles Times reports one way to become a delegate is to donate a lot of money. "Roughly one out of every five of Bush's top fundraisers — individuals who have raised $100,000 or more — is a delegate here." LINK

Republican National Convention: protests and security:

A stranger got a little too close for the Secret Service's comfort to the Vice President's box at the Garden. LINK

Some rough interaction between protesters and police officers landing one cop in serious condition with a head injury, according to the New York Post. LINK

The politics of protest makes for some strange bedfellows, too LINK

Republican National Convention: McCain:

David Broder of the Washington Post looks at the "McCain phenomenon." LINK

Johnny Apple writes up his drink with Sen. McCain on Sunday night, during which the Arizona Senator talked at length about his disgust with the SBVfT ads and the way Vietnam has become a political football this year. LINK

McCain "ripped" Moore, leads the New York Post's McCain speech coverage. LINK

Republican National Convention: battlegrounds:

Columbus Dispatch: "GOP opening focuses on unity" LINK

Cincinnati Enquirer: "GOP touts moderates, showing united front" LINK

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Bush called leader for time of peril" LINK

Seattle Times: "McCain's theme: Bush was right on Iraq war" LINK

Minneapolis Star Tribune: "President saluted as leader" LINK

Las Vegas Review Journal: "Nevadans watch as war takes center stage" LINK

Raleigh News & Observer: "Bush's war on terror wins praise" LINK

The Denver Post declares Colorado "front and center." LINK

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