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ABC News' Karen Travers reports from Miami that President Bush used one of his favorite lines against Sen. Kerry to appeal to a Cuban-American crowd at the Miami Arena. In almost every stump speech, the President will highlight Sen. Kerry's statement that "'I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

The line always delivers a laugh and when President Bush says "there is nothing complicated about supporting out troops in combat," the crowd tends to go wild with approval.

Yesterday, President Bush picked up on that statement of Sen. Kerry's and applied it to the Democratic nominee's position on the Helmes-Burton Cuban embargo act, saying that Kerry acted the same way, voting yes to an early version of the bill but no when it came up for final passage – or as President Bush said yesterday, "Voto si despues de voto no" – "He voted yes and then he voted no."

El Presidente sprinkled his speech with Spanish yesterday, declaring his confidence in winning Florida's 27 electoral votes, "Vamos a ganar a noviembre" and saying "Por su Apollo…and with your help, I will do so por quatro mas anos."

The New York Times picks up on the video distributed to some reporters yesterday showing Ben Barnes, former speaker of the Texas House, saying he was ashamed of his role in helping President Bush get into the National Guard in 1968. LINK

Odd to us that the story has no byline….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The New York Times' David Kirkpatrick has great details of that oh-so-exclusive Council for National Policy group and gets a "participant" to tell him that the group met recently in New York for a "pep rally" to re-elect Bush. LINK

Great story, Dave-o, but: at the end of every election year, The Note gives an award for the dumbest decision to bury a story in the Saturday paper. Although it is only August, you can stop sending in entries -- this one wins.

Peter Wallsten on John Ellis Bush: LINK

In his admiring profile of Rep. Mark Souder, David Brooks writes that "Across the party, there is a great deal of admiration for Bush's core instincts, but a belief that his administration has not performed that well." LINK

Republican National Convention: platform and politics:

The New York Times' Edmund Andrews writes up Greenspan's declaration that Social Security and Medicare are not safe and Notes that Greenspan "conspicuously avoided" any mention of President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security. LINK

Fox News' James Rosen thinks it's a shame that the Republican convention will likely gloss over Richard Nixon and instead glowingly eulogize Ronald Reagan. LINK

Republican National Convention: protests and security:

We're pretty sure the delegates will love this New York Post wood when they start coming to town today: "D Train Bomb Plot" LINK

The New York Times' Randy Archibold followed a few hundred cycling "anti-Republican" protesters through New York City last night. Archibold reports the NYPD made more than 100 arrests. LINK

The New York Daily News pegs the cycling arrests at 264. LINK

Republican National Convention: potpourri:

The New York Times' Justice and Burros look at the convention party scene and write that the Republican convention "will be a more lavish, and certainly more expensive, affair than the Democratic bash in Boston last month" and "is expected to be a far larger opportunity for special interests than its Democratic counterpart." LINK

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