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—If you were distracted by the Swift Boat story and failed to read the following articles over the weekend, you made a big mistake:

A. Ron Brownstein in Sunday's Los Angeles Times about the president's efforts to win by turning out the base. LINK

B. Same paper, same day, Maria LaGanga and Matea Gold on the focus shifting to Kerry's anti-war activities. LINK

C. The Washington Post 's Ceci Connolly on the president's plans for health care. LINK

D. Ed Chen in Saturday's Los Angeles Times going back and painstakingly interviewing the steelworkers who had a private town meeting in Ohio with President Bush recently. LINK

(Ed Chen is an amazing reporter.)

President Bush holds that morning press conference (not live, and pool only) in Crawford, TX following a 9:55 am ET closed meeting with Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers.

This will be the first time Bush has held a press conference since Kerry asked him to denounce the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth ad last Wednesday.

On the day new overtime rules he has criticized go into effect, Sen. John Edwards is expected to hit President Bush for the third day in a row over the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth ads, claiming a connection between the president's campaign and the group and asking Bush once again to denounce the ads.

Edwards holds town halls in Racine and Oshkosh at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm ET, respectively, and a rally in La Crosse at 8:30 pm ET.

Edwards is also expected to continue to talk about the new overtime regulations, aided today by a noon press conference featuring AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and Sen. Tom Harkin criticizing the changes.

Following the meeting in Crawford, Cheney flies to Missouri, where he will campaign tomorrow.

Sen. Kerry is down all day in Boston. His campaign files its FEC complaint today.

Week ahead:

Tomorrow, as the United States holds its first military tribunals since WWII at Guantanamo Bay, President Bush remains at Crawford while Kerry is in New York City and Philadelphia. Kerry's Gotham City speech is going to be a Big Deal.

Cheney is in Missouri, Edwards is in Ohio, and Teresa Heinz Kerry is in West Virginia. also hosts a major fundraiser at New York City's Hammerstein ballroom hosted by Janeane Garofalo featuring Al Franken, The Roots, and Moby.

On Wednesday the Pentagon releases its report on prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. President Bush remains at Crawford while Cheney barnstorms Pennsylvania in a bus. Kerry is in Philadelphia and Green Bay before heading to Minneapolis, and Edwards is in Ohio and Oklahoma.

On Thursday President Bush returns to the trail with three New Mexico rallies, including one in Las Cruces, where Edwards will be just a few hours later. Kerry campaigns in Minneapolis before heading to California.

And on Friday Bush is in Miami for a rally.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: morning show wrap:

Questions about Sen. Kerry's war record were still front and center on the morning shows. The stories appear to have more elements that are positive for Kerry than they did last week — though the topic's continued dominance is taking attention away from issues Kerry would prefer to focus on.

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