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Dow Jones Owl-Eyed David Rogers touts GOP Representative Doug Bereuter's turning against the Iraq war as huge and deserving of the LaHood Award.

And Ray LaHood agrees!!!

Drudge gets it wrong in touting Mike McCurry as poised to draw a Kerry paycheck.

But there are those who are Harbouring a willingness to Park themselves at 15th and Eye Streets. (Note apology: that's mostly for insiders … .)

The Wall Street Journal 's brilliant Greg Ip stumbles into the minimum wage ballot measures in Florida and Nevada — the gay marriage of the left.

Bush campaign policy director Tim Adams does his best John Kerry imitation, saying the president "is willing to consider any reasonable proposal that phases in an increase over an extended period of time — provided it would not place unreasonable costs on small businesses or other job creators."

David Broder loses out to John Harwood by one day, with his own nifty look at the power and influence of early voting. LINK

The Dean gives his stamp of approval to said early voting.

Kit "The Artist Formerly Known as an Inky" Seelye goes to Pennsylvania to look at Democratic ballot challenges to Ralph Nader. LINK

And Kit proves again to be the master of the kicker quote.

On the day when Ralph Nader has to submit ballots to get onto the Ohio ballot, Sen. Kerry is the only one out and about.

At 9:00 am ET he makes his news with an addresses that International Association of Fire Fighters' annual convention in Boston and then travels to Derry, NH, for a front porch event, where he is expected to jump on a new study that finds higher health has care has cost Americans jobs and reduced job quality.

The campaign claims 40,000 New Hampshire residents have lost their health care under Bush.

Other than that, there's a whole lot of vacation:

Following his third bus tour of Wisconsin, President Bush is down at his Crawford ranch until Thursday, Aug. 26, with only a single event on the schedule: a closed meeting with Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld next Monday.

Sen. Edwards is at his residence in Washington, DC with no scheduled events through Friday.

And Vice President Cheney is in Wyoming with no public events.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

USA Today 's Jill Lawrence reports on Kerry's VFW appearance and touts the new USA TODAY /CNN/Gallup Poll of Ohio showing "Kerry besting Bush 48%-46% among likely voters, and 52%-42% among registered voters. The poll of 761 registered and 628 likely voters, conducted last Friday through Sunday, had a margin of error of +/-4 percentage points for registered voters and +/-5 percentage points for likely voters." LINK

Wednesday was just another day chock-full of attacks between the two presidential campaigns. Yesterday's was on troop realignment and other issues of national security, and Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe has all the gory details. LINK

Ed Chen and Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times team up to delve into the back and forth on troop redeployment. And for you recipe seekers out there, apparently, "16 allusions to his military service in the 34-minute speech" makes for a "heavily salted" John Kerry appearance. LINK

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