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"Bush twins Jenna and Barbara, Emma Bloomberg and Emily Pataki will host a "Next Generation of Leaders" party at Gotham Hall, which will kick off minutes after President Bush finishes his acceptance speech at Madison Square Garden," reports the New York Post . LINK

The AP's Desmond Butler visited the control room of the Federal Protective Service, which will be playing a key role in security in New York, and reports back to tell us what she found. LINK

The New York Times ' Winnie Hu reports that "City Council and labor union officials will run newspaper ads just before the Republican National Convention to call for more federal money for local antiterrorism and education programs." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The Washington Post 's Jonathan Finer Notes "John F. Kerry took a new tack Thursday: He changed the subject." LINK

To the economy — and today, to energy.

Mary Dalrymple reports on Sen. Kerry's comments on the economy and gas prices. "Kerry's campaign said increasing oil prices saps consumers' spending powers, eats into companies' profits and weakens consumer confidence." LINK

Knight Ridder's James Kuhnhenn looks at Kerry's attempts to appeal to sportsmen and gun owners. LINK

The Raleigh News & Observer's Lynn Bonner reports, "An online essay describing vice presidential candidate John Edwards as a rude and selfish neighbor is stirring up placid Country Club Hills." LINK

Ryan Lizza chronicles the inter-party debate over the effectiveness of the Democratic convention. LINK

The Washington Post 's Charles Krauthammer Notes "Under the law, George Bush cannot tell the Swift boat vets to stop even if he wanted to. That's campaign finance reform — the panacea that took the money out of politics, remember?" LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: The Big Four: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin:

"President Bush's prospects in Florida are looking increasingly shaky," writes Adam Smith of the St. Petersburg Times.

"Barely 80 days before election day, signs abound that Democrats are outperforming Republicans in the state Bush virtually has to win to gain another

term in the White House." LINK

"Republicans had vowed an unprecedented voter registration program, but Democrats are far outpacing them in registration gains."

"Though the Bush-Cheney campaign boasts an unprecedented grass-roots effort, some Republicans are quietly fretting. Not only does Bush look vulnerable in

must-win Florida, they say, at the very least he could be forced to divert resources here that may be needed elsewhere."

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

Edward Murphy of the Portland Press Herald reports that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine is cutting 70 jobs in an effort to cut administrative costs. Two weeks ago, parent company Anthem Inc., reported a 34 percent increase in profits in the second quarter of 2004. LINK

The politics of stem cells:

The Washington Post 's Ceci Connolly reports "Sens. Gordon Smith (Ore.) and Trent Lott (Miss.) rose to President Bush's defense yesterday on the emotional issue of stem cell research, although both said they are pushing the White House to embrace an expansion of the policy advocated by Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

Yes, Alan Keyes still supports a repeal of the 17th amendment. LINK

Nader-Camejo '04:

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