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Carney told AP he hopes to get paid by a Missouri-based group called Choices for America, which requested the work. Colin Manning of Foster's Online reports that group is headed by Steve Wark who has been linked to pro-Nader effort in other states. LINK

Aaron Rizzio, Nader's New Hampshire coordinator says he didn't knowingly accept any signatures from Republicans who want to draw support from Kerry. Rizzio says the petitions were sometimes unloaded with a remark about "equal opportunity" for Nader.

Of due diligence for looking into the souls of Nader signers, Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese says, "We've done what we can, we've told Democrats and Republicans to stay out of our campaign." Zeese says they have had "no contact with Carney or the groups he has supposedly worked with."

Today Ralph Nader makes his first public appearances in the Florida since the 2000 election hold a mid-afternoon press conference, meeting with the St. Petersburg Times editorial board, and then delivering a speech at an evening rally. Nader's message will be the evils paperless e-voting, and voter disenfranchisement. LINK

Lynn Sweet to the Chicago Sun-Times hammers "Nader incorrectly does not grasp that his appeal to the far left of the political spectrum will take away more votes from Democrat John Kerry than from Bush. He still refuses to comprehend how his run four years ago siphoned off votes from Democrat Al Gore in states where the balloting was close, especially in Florida, New Hampshire and Oregon." LINK Does Chris Kofinis have a new title: "chief strategist?"

The Washington Post 's Brian Faler reports Ralph Nader "has become embroiled in an ugly exchange with the Anti- Defamation League, after he suggested that President Bush and Congress were 'puppets' of the Israeli government." LINK Nader isn't on the West Virginia ballot quite yet, but at least he's on the agenda of tonight's Kanawha County Commission meeting, which will likely discuss the petition drive to place Ralph Nader on this November's presidential ballot in West Virginia. LINK

"The treasurer of the national Reform Party, which is supporting Ralph Nader for president, has told federal election officials that the party has $18.18 in the bank and should be terminated," reports the AP. LINK

Ralph Nader backers are hard at work in Wisconsin. The candidate's state field coordinator, Bill Linville, tells the AP that this time around Nader officials don't plan to provide updates on their progress and that they will conduct their own review of names and addresses before turning them in. "We're going to leave ourselves as much time to check through the signatures as possible," Linville said. LINK The AP reports the Green Party of California denied Ralph Nader's request to hold a special nominating convention that would have given him another shot at appearing on California's ballot. The plot to bump candidate David Cobb from the Green line has failed. LINK

Nader's legal battle in Pennsylvania. LINK Ralph Nader will participate in convocation series at Drury University in Springfield Missouri on August 26. By then, the secretary of state's office may have determined whether his signatures are valid, placing him on the ballot. LINK

Will he celebrate with a surprise visit to Bass Pro outdoor shop? (Cheney seemed to enjoy it so.) LINK

Politics: In case you were wondering, our monkeys of the Googling variety need no "anti-sense expression vector" injected for efficiency. LINK

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