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Sen. Kerry today will stress reimportation. "Leaders on both sides of the aisle — from Trent Lott to John McCain to Ted Kennedy — agree on reimportation, and it's time the one in the White House did too," Kerry is set to say.

From a Kerry memo released this morning: "Kerry and Edwards will allow reimportation of safe, FDA-approved prescription drugs to give Americans access to the substantial discounts for prescription drugs in Canada, and require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate better prices for prescription drugs under Medicare. They will end loopholes that keep more affordable prescription drugs from the market and help states provide relief by allowing them to extend Medicaid discounts."

Some 350 orders of prescription drugs shipped from Canada were seized in Miami yesterday, reports the Pioneer Press' Warren Wolfe. LINK

The Republican National Convention:

The New York Times ' brassy and classy Jennifer Steinhauer reports "union officials representing firefighters and police officers said yesterday that they would not rule out strikes or other work stoppages during the Republican National Convention, raising the stakes in their battle to get new labor contracts with the city." It's rare to see Mayor Bloomberg compared to Jessica Simpson in any sense, but the point about the awkwardness between the protesting cops and those assigned to protect Bloomberg is an interesting one. LINK

New York City cops and firefighters walking a picket line outside Madison Square Garden probably wasn't the image in Karl Rove's mind when New York was selected to host the convention. LINK

Fresh from the campaign trail, the New York Post 's Stefan Friedman has the latest on where 250,000 anti-Bush protestors may end up on Sunday, Aug. 29. And do Note Ed Skyler (brother of famed playwright Tristine Skyler) calling for an end to theatrics. LINK

The New York Times ' Michael Slackman looks at the DNC oppo efforts planned for New York during the GOP convention. LINK

The New York Observer takes a look at convention security. LINK

"At least 20,000 law-enforcement officers from agencies as diverse as the Secret Service and Connecticut-based civilian units of the Army National Guard will help secure the convention. Considering that the convention will attract 48,000 visitors, from delegates and lobbyists to the media horde, that amounts to one security officer for every 2.4 civilians at the convention."

What Ken Mehlman revealed to the New York Press Club gathering on 42nd Street in June still holds true according to the New York Observer. Ground Zero will remain very much in the background during the convention. LINK

" … the ash-stained firefighter who stood next to the president when he spoke via bullhorn to rescue workers at the site, Bob Beckwith, told The Observer that he has not been contacted by anyone in connection with the Republican convention. He added that he is not planning to attend any convention-related events."

"With little more than two weeks left before the Republican National Convention, organizers of a massive antiwar march have backed away from an agreement to hold the rally on Manhattan's far West Side, setting the stage for a showdown with the Bloomberg administration," writes the Washington Post 's Michelle Garcia. LINK


ABC News' Marc Ambinder broke off from Ric Flair's "To Be The Man" last night to read "Unfit For Command" in its entirety.

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