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In Harrisburg, Democrats challenged him the validity of 45,000 nominating-petition signatures he filed early August. And in Philadelphia, dozens of petition circulators, many of them homeless, sued him for unpaid wages. Democrats in the state claim there was widespread fraud involved in putting him on the ballot.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Democrats say there is evidence of "round robin" signing where every 10th entry featured the same handwriting, and further they say there were "numerous reports of Nader circulators' obscuring their candidate's name in an effort to get people to sign." LINK

Nader spokesguy Kevin Zeese says the campaign ran it's own batter of tests, throwing out 7,000 on their own before submitting the raw signatures.

And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the scoop too. LINK

Big picturing it, John M. R. Bull of the Morning Call writes "Democrats desperately want Nader off the ballot in this battleground state, fearing he'll siphon votes from Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, perhaps enough to throw the Keystone state to President Bush." LINK

The New Hampshire Union Leader's John DiStaso finds yet more GOP connections for Nader backers, this time working in New Hampshire to get the independent candidate on the state's ballot. LINK

The Jersey Journal Notes Ralph Nader supporters will find their candidate in Column C. LINK

Nader talks about the hazards of being tall and flying in the New York Times business section. LINK

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