Evening Newscasts Wrap: ABC News Political Unit

NBC's Andrea Mitchell notes the central image of the Kerry's campaign is the Senator hugging his swift boat crewmates from Vietnam. Now Republicans are attacking Kerry on his war records. The new ad was funded by a Republican group through a loophole in the campaign finance laws. Sen. McCain condemned the ad, calling it "dishonest and dishonorable," and asked the Bush campaign to do the same. When asked about the ad today, Bush refused to disavow it. Critics say this ad illustrated the larger problem with campaign finance reform, citing the fact that Democratic groups have outspent Republicans in ads attacking President Bush.


(Elizabeth Vargas substitutes)

1. The new jobs report. (Betsy Stark, NY) 2. Battle between Bush and Kerry on the jobs report. (Kate Snow, Washington, D.C.) 3. An uprising by militants loyal to a radical Shiite cleric has spread to five cities in Iraq. (Mike Lee, Baghdad) 4. The uprising presents a challenge to U.S. troops. (Martha Raddatz, Sadr City in Baghdad) 5. The latest on the terror threats. (Pierre Thomas, Washington, D.C.) 6. Multiple homicides in Florida. 7. Closer Look: Kids and Anti-Depressants. (Barbara Pinto, Chicago) 8. Rick James obit. 9. Person of the Week: Assistant Superintendent on Liberty Island (Elizabeth Vargas, NY)


1. The new job numbers mean. (Anne Thompson, NY) 2. The Dow had the lowest close of this year. 3. The energy policies. (David Gregory, Washington, D.C.) 4. Terrorist money trail. (Pete Williams, Washington, D.C.) 5. Defending America: Did the 9/11 hijackers have help in the U.S.? (Lisa Meyers, Washington, D.C.) 6. In Depth: the latest political attack ad. (Andrea Mitchell, Washington, D.C.) 7. Fierce fighting in Iraq. 8. India flooding. 9. Preview of an hour long report on one of the uninsured victims of the Staten Island Ferry crash. (Tom Brokaw) 10. Flight nurses train with NASCAR pit crews. (Kerry Sanders, Denver)


(John Roberts substitutes)

1. The Economy (Anthony Mason, New York) 2. Picking a Fight - Energy policy (Jim Axelrod, Smithville, MO) 3. Renewed fighting with Shiites (Kimberly Dozier, Baghdad) 4. Grand Ayatollah taken to Britain for health reasons 5. Terror Network (David Martin, Pentagon) 6. Inside Story: Mercury in Fish (Bob Orr, New York) 7. Two killed in Hungary fireworks mishap. 8. Three killed in bus crash. 9. Consumer Alert: Scammers stealing from checking accounts (Jim Acosta, Forest Heights, Maryland) 10. Rick James dies 11. Iraqi wrestlers at the Olympics (Richard Schlesinger, Colorado Springs)

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