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The New York Times ' David Kilpatrick reports that the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan campaign finance group, has filed a complaint against the Web site of Rev. Jerry Falwell for encouraging people to vote for President Bush and give money to a political action committee. LINK USA Today 's Jim Drinkard writes about why Democrats are feeling good about their collective bank account and how they're partying to express that joy. LINK Two of Detroit's big three automakers are among the most lavish spenders on convention parties for politicians, says the Detroit News. LINK Dear Mrs. Dingell: can we borrow a golf cart through Thursday?

Democratic National Convention: outside the hall: What was all that worrying about? "Boston experienced virtually no reported crime on Monday and roads were unusually clear. Even the weather cooperated, with blue skies and none of the oppressive humidity generally associated with Boston summers," writes Elizabeth Mehren of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Democratic National Convention: the media: Michael Moore and the frenzy: LINK

Jon Stewart and the media. LINK David Carr of the New York Times views the "hardy, predictable" behavior of the pesky media swarm greatly outnumbering delegates in Boston. LINK Democratic National Convention: opinion pieces and editorials: Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute argues in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that based on his economic proposals, Senator Kerry would increase the deficit by $2 trillion over 10 years.

The Washington Post 's ed board Notes "Possibly the worst thing in the [Democratic Party] platform is its unilateralist bent in threatening trade sanctions, a move that would trigger retaliation." LINK Kerry's tediousness is his strength, writes David Brooks in today's New York Times . LINK James Taranto picks on Chuck Todd in a Wall Street Journal op-ed about the predictive value of past elections.

The Big Four: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin: The Florida Democratic Party has just over $105,000; the Florida GOP has more than $1.5 million. LINK The AP on Kerry's stem cell research pleas, along with the injured Brevard County deputy.


Florida delegates lapped up the attention: LINK and LINK The Cincinnati Enquirer has the AP's David Espo's story with this headline: "Clintons promise to make Kerry next president." LINK The Columbus Dispatch's Darrel Rowland's headline reads: "Voices from the past set the tone." LINK The Columbus Dispatch's Catherine Candisky reports, "With the national spotlight on Kerry, Democratic officials are not interested in debating the gay-marriage issue. Not this week, anyway. They say it is critical for the party to focus on what unifies them and defeating President Bush." LINK The Toledo Blade's Jim Provance has a story leading the paper's website about the subject of gay marriage at the convention. LINK

Provance writes, "Even openly gay and lesbian delegates caucusing as a group in Boston say that while equal rights for gays is important to them, it is not as important to the delegation as the war in Iraq or the national economy."

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