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The politics of national security: The Washington Post 's Dan Eggen and Mike Allen preview the release tomorrow of the 9/11 commission findings, Noting that the report will detail as many as 10 opportunities the Bush and Clinton Administrations missed to either find out about or prevent the terrorist attacks — "but the panel stops short of saying the attacks should have been prevented, according to government officials and others familiar with the document." Six of those opportunities came during the Bush Administration, the duo report, and four were on President Clinton's watch. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's John Crewdson reports that as intelligence agencies are following up on President Bush's order to investigate possible links between Iran and the 9/11 attacks, the Iranian government called the suggestion of a link "ridiculous." Crewdson lays out the information linking Iran and al Qaeda, including an FBI interview in April 2001 with an informant who spoke of an impending attack using commercial planes. LINK

The Washington Post 's John Mintz reports that fewer Americans fear a terrorist attack and have preparedness plans in place for their own families — which worries experts who worry about preparedness. LINK

Ambassador Joe Wilson comes to his own defense on the op-ed page of the Los Angles Times. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states: Lost of good news on the state by state jobs numbers front for the Bush-Cheney campaign. The Los Angeles Times reports 14 of 17 battleground states posted jobs gains in June. However, the report also includes job loss numbers for Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire which, if you were to look at a 2000 electoral map, consists of two Red states and one Blue. LINK

"Ohio, a presidential bellwether wielding 20 electoral votes, shed 14,100 jobs in June. Michigan, which casts 17 electoral votes, lost 5,400. Both states have been hit hard by the four-year decline in factory employment that began shortly before Bush took office."

"New Hampshire, another battleground state, also posted a loss last month, with employment declining by 2,700."

"Elections this fall in 134 House districts across Minnesota will help determine whether political power has permanently shifted to a growing bloc of Republican voters in the Twin Cities suburbs," according to the Pioneer Press' Patrick Sweeney. LINK

The New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans held a press conference yesterday to denounce the Bush Administration's Medicare bill as a "political gimmick," according to the Manchester Union Leader's Warren Hastings. LINK

Iowa, of all places, leads the nation in tax cuts, according to the Des Moines Register 's Lynn Campbell. LINK

On the other side of the spectrum from Iowa, Arkansas was one of three states to raise taxes more than five percent, according to the Arkansas New Bureau's Doug Thompson. LINK

More than 2,000 students in nine Cincinnati Public Schools should be getting additional after-school tutoring and mentoring thanks to a $5.1 million federal grant announced yesterday. LINK

Congress praised Nevada for its exemplary voting system plans — pairing the electronic machines with printers that spit out a paper audit trail. LINK

Two ballot initiative petitions — one to raise the minimum wage by $1 an hour and the other to ban frivolous lawsuits — qualify for Nevada's November ballot. LINK

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