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Do you want to prove that you have the wisdom of Tony Podesta, the strategic brilliance of Karl Rove, the quiet sagacity of Joe Biden, the insight of Rob Portman, the astuteness of Karen Skelton, and the good judgment of Mindy Tucker Fletcher?

Just score 10 out of 10 on our regular Monday Note quiz, and you can brag to all your friends.

1. Which side will better play the politics of Thursday's 9/11 report release?

2. Will the Kerry campaign's three-stage July-August John-a-thon be as well planned as the Edwards launch was?

3. Does John Kerry have in his brain what he thinks it will take in planning and execution to give a boffo acceptance speech?

4. Which is more likely to help Vice President Cheney keep his job — his support for the Pledge of Allegiance or his spouse's bragging that he used to be in a union?

5. What is the correct punishment for Ryan King, deputy director of Republicans Abroad, for telling the Washington Post regarding the enthusiasm of overseas Americans to participate in this year's election: "You have people literally coming out of the woodwork to register."

6. Who will the media make a bigger deal about: Ron Reagan speaking in Boston or Zell Miller speaking in New York? (And, yes, we've asked this before . . . )

7. Which will get more coverage: labor spats in Boston or hundreds of thousands of protesters in New York?

8. Can you find five Americans in battleground states who voted for Al Gore in 2000 who say they will definitely vote for President Bush in 2004?

9. When will we next see John Kerry fly a helicopter or ride a motorcycle?

10. Are you aware of just how vital a news product ABC News Live's coverage of the conventions and the campaign is for anyone who is working on, covering, or interested in this year's presidential race? (more on that all week right here in The Note … .)

Vanessa Kerry has already been on about 15 television shows today, but there ARE other things going on.

President Bush is at the White House today meeting with the president of Chile (11:25 am ET), the Prime Minister of Malaysia (2:55 pm ET) and the winner of the Indy 500 (3:50 pm ET).

Vice President Cheney travels to battleground states Missouri and Ohio for two speeches, the first on the economy at Boone County Lumber Company in Columbia, Mo. (1:00 pm ET) and the second on health care costs in Toledo, Ohio (5:00 pm ET).

Senator Kerry is down in Nantucket today, we're told finishing his convention speech (and kite surfing for the pool, perhaps). Senator Edwards is in Durham, N.C. today for a "front porch" stop and a fundraiser before returning to Washington, D.C.

Today at 1:00 pm ET, former New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, Kerry Crewmate Jim Wasser, and Alexandra Kerry will hold a conference call tomorrow to discuss the details of KE04's pre-convention tour. See below for the stop-by-stop itinerary.

Tomorrow, on the 35th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's moon walk, President Bush travels to Iowa and Missouri while the Senators John are both down without public events.

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