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Stevenson Notes that the way the amendment failed yesterday "raised questions about whether the White House had fundamentally misjudged the nation's attitude on the issue. And the vote left even some of Mr. Bush's own advisers wondering if his backing of the amendment did not hurt him politically more than it helped by further stoking opposition to him from the left."

At the same time as the amendment was failing in the Senate, President Bush acknowledged the debate in Washington and received a standing ovation in Fond du Lac, Wis., when he told an audience of supporters: "I have made my position clear. I believe that a traditional marriage — marriage between a man and woman — is an important part of stable families."

"In a big shift for the normally docile scientific community, some leading researchers are mounting a political campaign to unseat President Bush this fall, accusing the administration of twisting scientific facts to fit its policies on issues such as global warming, sex education and stem-cell research," reports the Wall Street Journal's Antonio Regaldo.

Ed Chen of the Los Angeles Times picks up that the President is not usually put on the spot at his campaign Q&As — unlike a presidential press conference, "the 'ask the president' format gives Bush an opportunity to respond to questions usually framed in a positive manner."LINK

As does Joe Curl of the Washington Times: LINK

Bob Hillman of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Bush twins each were given "a small, high-quality video camera" from BC04 media guru Mark McKinnon, who said "he hopes the twins will have some fun with the cameras and use them to record a few of the real behind-the-scenes moments of the campaign."LINK

And the New York Post is reporting that Jenna Bush will be a teaching assistant at the Harlem Day Charter school. LINK

''I'm going to teach fourth grade,'' Jenna Bush tells the second graders of Hueytown Elementary. LINK

Jenna Bush got some advice from her mom about her possible upcoming gig as a teacher's assistant at a Harlem charter school. LINK

Deb Orin of the New York Post apparently didn't find anyone who thought Dennis Miller's Badger State routine shocking or inappropriate. LINK

Maureen Dowd opines that the appearance of President Bush's daughters on the campaign trail provides some uplift for their father's campaign. LINK

"With even Republicans like Pat Roberts, the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, questioning whether the president would have launched a war against Iraq if he'd known how weak his case was, Mr. Bush needs all the distractions he can get."

Sen. Kerry's appearance at the NAACP "is being overshadowed by the candidate who never showed up, President Bush," writes the Washington Post's Darryl Fears. LINK

Fears does convey the NAACP's strong animus against Bush; still, we wonder why this story is still a story.

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