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The president is coming to Ohio to raise money to defeat the president — that is, Ohio native Martin Sheen will visit Cleveland in mid-August to support new Northeast Ohio anti-Bush group Bring Ohio Back. The 527, which likes to call itself BOB, is chockfull of A-, B-, and C- list celebrities like actors Chad Lowe and Fisher Stevens, and plans to make use of them in fall concerts and bus tours. LINK

What a nice story: Kerry helps guy who's struggling to get through law school, and now guy throws fundraiser on old pal Kerry's behalf. The Cincinnati Enquirer has all the touching details. LINK

The politics of same-sex marriage:

FMA, we hardly knew ye. LINK

Warning from the Christian Coalition: "We will not forget their cowardly rejection of a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment this Election Day or on future Election Days. The Christian Coalition will be 'Scoring' this vote in our Congressional Score Cards. Those who stood with us will be remembered and rewarded; those who betrayed traditional marriage, family values, and our children will not be forgotten.:"

The Washington Post's Alan Cooperman writes "despite a defeat in the Senate yesterday, evangelical Christian groups said they would continue to push for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, but some predicted that it would be a 10-year battle." LINK

A same-sex marriage ban "enshrined in the Constitution" would have "sullied" the document, says the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial board. LINK

New Hampshire's Republican Senators were split on the amendment, with Sen. John Sununu casting a dissenting vote, according to the AP. LINK

"Gay marriage advocates in New Mexico expressed relief and happiness Wednesday as the Bush administration's proposed gay-marriage ban was rejected by the Senate," writes the AP's Mary Perea. LINK

House Republicans are exploring other ways of getting at the same-sex marriage issue, including stripping federal courts of jurisdiction over the issue, according to The Hill's Jonathan E. Kaplan. LINK

The Senate vote on the amendment "left both Democrats and Republicans claiming victory," writes The Hill's Lauren Shepherd. LINK

The Denver Post's Ann Mulkern wraps the last-minute lobbying by groups both for and against the amendment with some reaction from Colorado lawmakers and from groups like Focus on the Family, which intends to keep opposing same-sex marriage. LINK

Eric Gorski of the Denver Post looks at how conservative groups are continuing to try to mobilize voters and activists against same-sex marriage this fall. LINK

M.E. Sprengelmeyer of the Rocky Mountain News spent the day with Sen. Wayne Allard as kept working toward passage of his bill as the vote came down. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

"We should be OK,'' County Election Supervisor Constance Kaplan assures voters in Miami-Dade Florida, despite her critical letter last month to the company that manufactures touch-screen voting equipment. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel reports a new era in political shenanigans. "Political dirty tricks entered the computer age in Seminole County this week when bogus e-mails falsely accusing a candidate of having an affair, violating campaign-finance laws and gathering petition signatures in bars were sent to the candidate's supporters and city workers." LINK

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