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The conventions:

The Democratic National Convention Committee is set to go live today with its convention blog -- the first in convention history according to the DNCC. Eric Schnure will be named the official blogger and the public will get to participate in a "name the blog" contest online.

The Wall Street Journal's Hitt reviews security complications anticipated by convention planners this summer, including perimeters in New York and traffic in Boston.

"Ironically, President Bush's campaign wanted its convention in New York to dramatize his leadership against terrorism, which advisers believe is his greatest advantage over Democratic challenger John Kerry. But underscoring the continuing homeland threat won't help his campaign aides stage the convention itself. Indeed, it no longer is even clear that emphasizing the threat of terrorist violence will help Mr. Bush politically."

The Boston Herald's Jack Meyers reports, "Unprecedented security measures planned for the hundreds of convention-related parties this July will spread traffic woes and disruptions beyond the FleetCenter to locales across Boston, according to security experts and hospitality professionals." LINK

The Boston Globe's Mark Shanahan and Carol Beggy report, "Rafanelli Events principal and director of marketing Mark Walsh has been named as the director of event services for the committee organizing the Democratic National Convention. (Read: Walsh's job is to make sure the official parties are officially great bashes.)" LINK

The Boston Herald's Jessica Yeslam writes about MTV's Walter Cronkite's thoughts on the upcoming conventions and Gideon Yago's journalistic supremacy. LINK

The politics of faith:

Chris Schneider theorizes the role of the politics of the pulpit in his Rocky Mountain News report on the "battle being waged from the nation's pulpits," as debates over same-sex marriage and abortion rights are already drawing out religious leaders. LINK

Citing Colorado Springs, Colo. as the "ground zero" for debate on such issues, the city's religious leaders are getting out early to form a unified front across denominational lines.

But don't expect evangelical Christian support for conservative policies to mean a cake walk for Bush. The activist religious community is expected to keep Republicans true to tenets of their faith by holding their feet to the fire.

With Van Jensen's report on the politics of Catholic Communion in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette, a national conversation about what diocese will -- and won't -- serve John F. Kerry continues. Apparently, he can add Arkansas to the list of safe states. Jensen affirms that had the Senator requested Holy Communion during a recent stop in Arkansas, he would have received it. LINK

Making votes count:

The Chicago Tribune's John McCormick writes that Ohio voters aren't exactly thrilled with the idea of new electronic voting machines. LINK


The Los Angeles Times asks: could telephone rates become a campaign issue? LINK

The Hill describes how Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steny Hoyer have put aside ideological differences and manage to compliment each other's political proclivities quite nicely. You won't see Rep. Pelosi in districts where Hoyer Democrats predominate, and vice-versa. LINK

Rush and Molloy has news about presidential portraiture, as well as 43's choice words for Michael Moore. LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Leonard Sykes reports that the Congressional Black Caucus will make Milwaukee one of the stops on its three-city "collective leadership tour" this spring. Milwaukee will host the conference on June 12; Dallas and Seattle are the other locales. LINK

*Note Note: one of our favorite journalistic weasel words.

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