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Time Magazine's Joe Klein sees "a sophisticated sense of political timing" on Sen. Kerry's part by sticking with issues such as education and health care on the stump and allowing the pictures out of Iraq and the Bush Administration's reaction to them to play out mostly without comment. LINK

The New York Times Todd Purdum provided a Sunday look at Kerry's youthful years at St. Paul's boarding school. LINK

"…to a striking degree, the personal qualities that propel him -- and daunt him -- are the same ones that buoyed and bedeviled him when he was 16 and striving to succeed at St. Paul's, then an austere all-boys enclave, the seventh school Mr. Kerry had attended by the time he arrived here in eighth grade."

"Mr. Kerry has always been a pace apart in every world he has inhabited - from grade school to college to Vietnam to the Senate - moving forcefully and successfully through diverse milieus without ever being fully of them. To his critics, his ambition has always been just a little too obvious, his manner too calculating. To his friends, his tenderheartedness and complexities have been too little understood. Always and everywhere, his seriousness has stood out."

And the Times' Joseph Berger provided a sidebar look at Kerry's grandfather's Jewish roots. LINK

George Butler's cinematic look at John Kerry is due out late this summer, reports Time's James Carney. LINK

On Sunday, the Washington Post's David Broder warns the Kerry campaign that "strength" might not be the best field on which to challenge President Bush, given the compromises and seeming flip-flops that inevitably rise as part of a long Senate career. LINK

"…by accepting that "strength" is the password to those more promising policy debates, the Kerry campaign in effect has agreed to fight on Bush's turf. … Whether they have chosen the right battleground is another question."

The Los Angeles Times' Matea Gold on Saturday reported Sen. Kerry's comments that with the right leadership, European countries who have refused to get involved in Iraq might come aboard. LINK

The Boston Globe's "Armchair Strategist," Dan Payne, wondered in print on Sunday why, given the worst month of Bush's presidency and sliding poll numbers, Kerry isn't doing better. LINK

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe profiles dueling ad maestros Mark McKinnon and Mike Donilon, and their air war of messages. LINK

The Washington Post's Chuck Babington on Sunday looked at the scorched-earth opposition between Republicans and Democrats over the war in Iraq. LINK

On Saturday, the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler reported Secretary of State Colin Powell's comments that if the interim Iraqi government asked the U.S. to pull its troops out after July 1, the U.S. would comply. LINK

Buried in Time's cover story, Duffy, Cooper, and Dickerson include this: "Meanwhile, lawmakers who last week felt blindsided by the prison abuses are beginning to feel misled as well. Knowledgeable government sources told Time that House Intelligence Committee Democrats asked the Pentagon last January about an internal Army report on dangerous conditions and poor management at the Abu Ghraib prison. The sources said Pentagon aides told the panel that no such report existed-though it had been finished for months. A Pentagon spokesman had no immediate response." LINK

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