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The Washington Post's Robin Wright examined the "tepid" reaction to Secretary of State Colin Powell's remarks at the conference of the World Economic Forum, including the Palestinian foreign minister who commented that Powell offered "nothing new." LINK

The Boston Globe's Charles Radin called Powell "animated and passionate" during the speech. LINK

Some have wondered if the recent prison abuse controversy will diminish the Administration's argument before the Supreme Court regarding detainees at Guantanamo. Alberto Gonzales took to the New York Times op-ed page on Saturday to say worry not, and reassert the Administration's justification for handling detainees outside the parameters of the Geneva Convention. LINK

John McCain's emphatic denials don't seem to be working. So, what will it take for a newspaper like the New York Times to keep the Kerry-McCain ticket talk off the front pages? Perhaps, Sen. Kerry will have to break his self-imposed silence on the subject matter and declare McCain not in contention… unless, of course, that isn't true. Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jodi Wilgoren teamed up to fan the flames in Saturday editions of the Gray Lady. LINK

The New York Post's Brad Hamilton took a closer look at Sen. Nelson (who has apparently not spoken with Sen. Kerry about the VP job) as a contender for the number two spot on Kerry's ticket. LINK

The Washington Post's Tom Edsall and Dan Balz on Saturday wrote up the FEC's decision -- or non-decision -- to delay action on 527 groups. LINK

Oops. The Associated Press reported Vermont state officials had miscalculated the number of boxes of Dean gubernatorial records that had been sealed. It turns out he sealed a smaller percentage of records than either of his two most recent predecessors. LINK

On Sunday, Susannah Rosenblatt of the Los Angeles Times (field trips!!!!) reported that Tuesday's Oregon primary could be the last best bet for the presidential campaign of Rep. Dennis Kucinich. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Stuart Pfeifer on Sunday looked at the saga of Diebold Election Systems -- from the electoral process it was expected to save to the management and technical problems that are casting a shadow on its future. LINK

The Washington Post's Chuck Babington took a look Sunday at how redistricted Texas is endangering the jobs of five Democratic U.S. House members in an effort for the Lone Star State to be represented solely by Republicans. LINK

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