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The New York Times' Jodi Wilgoren Notes that President of the Teamster's Union James P. Hoffa gave Candidate Kerry a big ole push for "Dick Gephardt as Veep." (Who knew Kerry actually WAS a Teamster back in his Yale days?..) LINK

The Boston Globe's Pat Healy also has Teamsters President James Hoffa telling reporters that Kerry's running mate should be "someone who can carry a swing state like Missouri." LINK

Healy reports that Hoffa mentioned Gephardt by name several times and that, according to Hoffa, Kerry said, "'I'll take it into consideration. He's a fine man.'"

The Washington Post's Jim VandeHei sat down with Hoffa at Bally's to get the Teamsters' point of view on a Kerry-Gephardt ticket. LINK

The Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont reports on how Gov. Vilsack's recent veto "of a bill that would have referred to fetuses as persons is the latest in a string of moves friendly to abortion-rights advocates, a constituency he has not always pleased during his career in state government." LINK

Reuters recounts Sen. Biden urging Sen. McCain to respond to the call to service from his opposition party. LINK

Repeat after us: Once again, Sen. McCain says he won't be Kerry's vice president. LINK

Sen. Biden says there is "'no possibility'" Kerry will choose him as veep...but he would consider being Secretary of State! LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

The Wisconsin State Journal's Anita Clark gauges the reaction of gay activists in the Badger State to the events in Massachusetts. The verdict: great for them, but there's a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage in Wisconsin to worry about. LINK

In covering today's gay marriage news, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Notes all the challenges facing these new married couples in the days, months and years to come -- ranging from filing taxes, health insurance, to disabilities, and child support. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette leads with the Brown vs. Board of Education Anniversary and report that in Western Pennsylvania and much of the state, there remains a huge gap between the test scores of white students and those of African Americans. LINK

The Cincinnati Enquirer headlines its special report on the Brown anniversary "Separate but unequal," explaining how many Cincinnati students still find themselves in segregated schools. LINK

Brown v. Board of Education:

Education Secretary Rod Paige takes a look back on the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board decision in the Washington Post. "Brown v. Board, said Paige, "changed everything." Before Brown, the U.S. Constitution was "an empty promise as far as I was concerned. The American ideal did not include us. Now it does."" LINK

The Washington Post's William Raspberry asks how much better off are we as a result of Brown? LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Dahleen Glanton looks at how the integration set up by the landmark Brown decision has slid into a kind of resegregation, based not only on race but on socioeconomic class. LINK

The Tampa Tribune's Marilyn Brown reports that "the nation's 10th-largest school district is launching a plan that will shift racial balances in schools." LINK

George Archibald of the Washington Times looks at the disappointments of school integration 50 years after Brown, quoting a report by the Rockefeller Foundation that calls the decision "something of a bust." LINK

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