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The BushhasbethispresidencyonIraqandKerryhastogetoverthelikeabilityandnationalsecuritybars storylines are important, sure, but if you want to understand American politics in 2004, there are other events for you to watch out for:

1. Hillary Clinton's introduction of Chuck Schumer at next Tuesday's New York Democratic Party meeting in Manhattan — the first political event the two have done together in forever. It's not quite Bob Torricelli buying Frank Lautenberg a charm bracelet and a Whitman's Sampler LINK, but it's close.

2.(Senator?) Barack Obama and the impact he'll have on Washington, no matter who the President is.

3. The Olympics (how many times do we have to tell you this?)

4. Republican National Convention CEO Bill Harris ' May 21 Web chat to mark 100 days until the start of the convention.

5. President George H.W. Bush's 80th birthday on June 12, and the hoopla surrounding it.

6. Rush Limbaugh's daily readings from Bill Clinton's "My Life" (annotated).

7. The New York convention schedules of Bill Frist, George Allen, Rudy Giuliani, Jeb Bush, Phil Gramm, John Kasich, and George Pataki.

8. The rising powerhouse consulting firm of Powers Bluestein earning so much revenue so fast that they start to buy ads in The Note that say, "Powers Bluestein provides strategic guidance and communications consulting to political candidates, non-profit organizations, and others looking to participate in civic dialogue." LINK

9. The Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf on October 21.

10. The launching of the European version of The Note in the fall.

11. Following the MTA's lead, the late fall announcement of the Yiddish version of Noted Now. LINK

12. All television networks becoming Court TV with the year's many (mostly Western) celebrity and celebrated criminal trials.

13. The continued unchecked expansion of the gaming industry throughout America.

Today, President Bush greets G-8 Foreign Ministers at the White House, speaks at an RNC fundraiser in Bridgeton, Mo. and delivers the commencement address at Concordia University in Mequon, Wis. On Saturday, President Bush speaks at the Annual Peace Officers' Memorial Service at the Capitol. He is down on Sunday.

Sen. Kerry today meets with members of his campaign finance committee, speaks to the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, and records the Democratic radio address in Washington. He just might take questions from reporters today at some point, and the radio address just might be on America's military.

He spends Saturday in Boston with no scheduled events and travels to Las Vegas on Sunday to address the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at their Annual Unity Conference.

On Monday both President Bush and Sen. Kerry will be in Topeka to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, although their appearances will not overlap. Still, the coverage will be boffo and important.

Sen. Kerry also plans to attend a rally in Portland, Ore. on Monday night.

Vice President Cheney today speaks to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and at a fundraiser in Orlando, Fla.

The Democratic National Committee holds its Hispanic Leadership Summit in Orlando this weekend.

Secretary Colin Powell travels to Jordan this weekend. (Catch an interview with him on ABC News' "This Week with George Stephanopoulos").

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