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The man providing the money behind the New Democrat Network ads gets a moment of fame courtesy of the Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson. LINK

The FEC did indeed take action yesterday. The Commission ordered Rev. Al Sharpton to give back $100,000 in matching funds. The New York Post 's Stefan Friedman reports. LINK

Corrections: "Corrections" is not just an important California union, but a way of acknowledging our mistakes.

Yesterday, The Note incorrectly identified a former U.S. Defense Secretary.

He is Robert McNamara, not Richard.

The Note imprecisely referred to the progenitors of new anti-Bush ads in West Virginia. They were commissioned by The Media Fund, not ACT.

The Note regrets the errors.


John Broder of the New York Times takes a look at Gov. Schwarzenegger's end run around the California Legislature. Do enjoy the James Cameron references. LINK

Rene Sanchez of the Washington Post Notes many lawmakers deem the budget plan either "daring or delusional." LINK

On the Hill:

The Washington Post 's Jonathan Weisman Notes "the House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to permanently extend the 10 percent income tax bracket that President Bush and Congress created in 2001, approving its third significant tax cut in as many weeks despite concerns over a record budget deficit." LINK

"On March 31, with their eyes on record budget deficits, 11 Republican moderates in the House penned a letter to their leadership, demanding that any congressional budget resolution this year require that future tax cuts be offset by spending reductions or tax hikes," reports Weisman. LINK

The conventions: The Boston Globe reports that Gov. Bill Richardson, chairman of the Democratic National Convention, attempted to dispel fears over the potentially crippling higher-than-expected costs of production and construction. LINK

The politics of same-sex marriage:

The Boston Globe 's Abraham reports that opponents to gay marriage are losing hope. "As many opponents of gay marriage see it, same-sex unions will make homosexuality more acceptable and fracture family values. On a practical, political level, the reality of gay marriage will make the opponents' battle for a state constitutional amendment to ban it more difficult than ever." LINK

The Boston Globe reports of a town "abuzz" with wedding plans in anticipation of Monday. LINK

Ed O'Keefe's Kerry campaign report:

LITTLE ROCK, ARK., May 13 — At the half million-dollar Peabody Hotel fundraiser in the heart of Little Rock, Senator John Kerry was hardly a minute into the remarks donors had paid at least $1,000 to hear when a Southern drawl bellowed from the crowd, "Make (General Clark) vice president!"

The Lieutenant grinned in the direction of the General and said, "Well, there you go. They told me down in Arkansas you tell it like it is."

During a health care town hall the next day, a similarly frank questioner asked, "Will you make General Clark your vice president?"

Again, the Senator danced, turning to Clark and joking, "Do you know this guy?"

Nevertheless, the tea leaves stirred when the four-star General joined the presumptive Democratic nominee on the Kerry campaign charter from Little Rock to Washington.

Facing one another in the foremost quadrant of the first class cabin, the primary rivals talked nearly the entire two-hour flight; former New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, now Kerry's national campaign director, sat beside Clark.

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