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On her position on abortion rights, Mrs. Kerry details her own struggle when faced with the possibility of having to terminate a pregnancy.

"I'm pro-choice, because I'd like to have that choice myself… After Christopher was born, and I wanted another child very much, and I had had a very severe reaction to something, and I was on very heavy cortisone -- and I did not know I was pregnant… I told my doctor I think I'm pregnant and… he said well then if you're pregnant, you have to abort that baby…and I was very upset… I didn't want to have an abortion, but they gave me 15 days because it was early and the night before I was due to go in, I miscarried it. So God was very kind. But the point is, I'm glad I had a choice.

I presume that most women will look at a choice like that as a terrible choice. But they should be given the chance to make it as I was. That's all."

AP's Lolita Baldor previews tonight's "20/20" interview with Teresa Heinz Kerry, and her comments on abortion rights. LINK

The New York Daily News looks at the nice things Mrs. Heinz Kerry says about the current First Lady during the Barbara Walters interview. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry: the campaign report:

SAN BERNADINO, CALIF., May 6 -- Sen. John F. Kerry concluded a two-day, three-city education swing on Thursday, speaking to the Colton High School Yellowjackets in California.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, clad in a designer "John Kerry for President" scarf, and the Senator arrived an hour late to a joint Advanced Placement U.S. history and economics class to take three questions from an eager crowd of juniors and seniors.

Katie Extrom asked about Vietnam Veterans' criticisms of Kerry, to which the Senator replied, "That's politics. One of the people who was involved in it was involved with Richard Nixon and did the same thing back in 1971."

When asked by another student to name the three presidents he admired most, Kerry named five: Abraham Lincoln for "courage and steadfastness," Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt for "optimism," and John Kennedy and Harry Truman for their "sense of global leadership."

After ramping up his Cinco de Mayo mild criticism of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to hot on Thursday, Kerry introduced a celebrity supporter on stage for the presumptive Democratic nominee's education address.

Recognizing Sean Astin of "Goonies"/"Rudy"/"LOTR" fame, the Senator announced, "You all know him as Frodo from "Lord of the Wings," his real name is Sean Astin."

After locating "Wings" star Astin mouthing "Sam" from his seat, the rarely flustered Kerry corrected, "Sam! What am I saying? I'm sorry. Sam, Sam. And I watched ("Lord of the Rings") and I saw him carrying [Frodo] up the hill and I was thinking of the drama and the beauty of it all but you were extraordinary, man. Persevering. Thank you."

Kerry ended his time in the center of the Inland Empire with a pair of photo shoots for Vanity Fair and Ladies Home Journal, both strangely enough, at the scenic roadside Hilton in San Bernadino.

Kerry graduates from the education trail on Friday, speaking to the veepstakes rich Democratic Leadership Council where the group's chair, Sen. Evan Bayh, host state Gov. Janet Napolitano, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will gather for the national convention.

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