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The Los Angeles Times' Braun writes the veterans opposing Kerry are "demanding that the prospective Democratic presidential nominee release all his service records from the period he spent in Vietnam's river battle zone." LINK

John O'Neill, who was hand-picked by Nixon's political team to debate Kerry on the Dick Cavett show more than 30 years ago, pens an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal accusing the Senator of "inventing or repeating grossly exaggerated claims of atrocities and war crimes in order to advance his own political career as an antiwar activist" and writing of his "profound conviction that John Kerry is simply not fit to be America's commander in chief."

The New York Daily News Notes O'Neill's Nixon ties. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry:

David Brooks suggests that Democrats should relax because "John Kerry is doing exactly what he should be doing right now. He is in a post-primary molting season. He's emerging from the shadow of Howard Dean and becoming more like the policy twin of Joe Lieberman: a pro-trade, fiscally conservative centrist Democrat who is willing to pour more troops into Iraq to win the war." The last graph is a must-read, we find. LINK

The Albuquerque Journal reports "the race for the White House will take a lap through Albuquerque today when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry visits to tout his education agenda." LINK and right above that on the home page the paper writes of GOP attacks on Kerry "on education, taxes and Hispanic appointments a day before he was scheduled to campaign in New Mexico." LINK

And the Albuquerque Journal reports New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's "star power could be critical to Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign" as the Gov works to mobilize Hispanic voters "even though Kerry does not plan to open a headquarters in New Mexico until later this month." LOTS of Richardson veepstakes talk. LINK

The Carlsbad Current-Argus reports Kerry will "meet with Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, who is co-chairwoman of his New Mexico campaign, and Gov. Bill Richardson, who has repeatedly denied rumors that he could be among those being considered as Kerry's running mate" during his time in New Mexico. LINK

Dean "vows to support Kerry," reports the Washington Times. LINK

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on Kerry's way-full fundraiser, writing that "as more than 3,000 supporters gathered at a modestly priced main event...Kerry first spoke to a group of more than 500 people who had given $1,000 in return for proximity to Kerry and free wine and canap├ęs." LINK

ABC News' Ed O'Keefe reports that the campaign says Kerry raised $1 million for his White House bid and $440,000 for the Democratic National Committee during an evening fundraiser in Minnesota on Monday. Original estimates were not given for the DNC and campaign aides predicted Kerry would take in $600,000. The presumptive Democratic nominee travels to New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Louisiana this week.

The Kerry campaign has also announced 17 fundraisers in 14 cities over the next two months. The Senator will visit cities from Louisville, Ky. to Little Rock, Ark., and even his hometown of Denver, Colo.

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