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Roll Call's Chris Cillizza reports, "Presaging a month-long air campaign, the House's two national party committees are set to launch new independent expenditure ads in South Dakota today as they jockey for the high ground in the June 1 special election."

"The ads are remarkably similar and detail the candidates' plans for health care with a special focus on prescription drugs. Neither makes any mention of the opposition."

Roll Call's Nicole Duran has a grrrrreat article on the Washington House races, Noting, "Handicapping the Washington races is tough -- both parties can point to reasons why their candidates will end up on top."

Republican National Convention:

Artists, publicists, poets, and protesters of the world unite! The New York Times reports "dozens of arts organizations are making plans for at least four nights of political theater during the convention at East Village clubs, established theaters like Symphony Space, public libraries and of course the streets." LINK

USA Today's Martha T. Moore reports on how Mayor Bloomberg and other GOPers are encouraging Empire State Democrats to be friendly to all of their out-of-town guests this summer…and to "take their money." LINK


President Clinton and his book get more airtime in the New York Daily News, which writes about the his current "phone addiction." LINK

The New York Post reports on the Vanity Fair day coming up, reporting President Clinton's publisher is "despairing" and "famed editor Robert Gottlieb" has started "sleeping overnight at the former president's home in Chappaqua as he helps the much-distracted Clinton finish the tome." LINK

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