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More Woodward book fallout: The Los Angeles Times' Simon and Wallsten report "charges that the Bush administration had diverted $700 million to prepare for a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq without informing Congress drew criticism Monday from congressional Democrats, while Republicans contended that Congress had given the administration 'unprecedented flexibility' in spending after the Sept. 11 attacks." LINK

The Wall Street Journal's ed board sees the same thing, and expresses its dismay with the idea of the President "abdicating decisions about the June 30 transition to Iraqi rule to U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi" and writing that "the fastest way for Mr. Bush to lose support at home would be if Americans see their soldiers restrained from doing what it takes to win by U.N. statements or political control. That's when his own base begins to walk."

The Los Angeles Times' Demick writes of North Korea, negotiations, and the next U.S. election: "Dealing with Pyongyang's headlong pursuit of nuclear weapons, once described as the biggest security threat to the United States, has been downgraded to a droning diplomatic process with little sense of urgency -- at least until after the U.S. presidential election."

And the Los Angeles Times reports that "federal authorities will begin nationwide preparations to counter the threat of terrorist attacks aimed at the national political conventions and at the U.S. presidential election, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Monday." LINK

The Washington Times' Charles Hurt argues that the Commission hearings have been too partisan, but reports that former Gov. Tom Kean still believes the Commission will produce a final report that is "fair and balanced." LINK

The Washington Post's editorial board argues that Attorney General John Ashcroft's declassifying a memo during his testimony before the 9/11 Commission and pointing to commissioner Jaime Gorelick as the memo's author was "grossly unfair" and "absurd." LINK

The Portland Press Herald's John Richardson Notes that some Maine families are beginning to question the extent and duration of call-ups for local reserve units, including one military police unit which has been activated three times in 10 years. LINK


The New York Times' Rosenbaum reports that the self-identified "'messianic militarist'" Ralph Nader "made an explicit appeal on Monday for votes from the antiwar movement and called for the United States to announce a firm date for the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq." LINK

Knight Ridder's Maria Recio Notes that Nader called yesterday for the withdraw of all U.S. troops from Iraq in six months in a three-point plan he created that involves creating an international peacekeeping force under the UN, promoting Iraqi self-rule through independent elections, and providing humanitarian aid to stabilize the country. LINK

The Washington Times' Stephen Dinan reports that Ralph Nader told a group of journalists yesterday that John Kerry would not be a much better leader than George Bush. LINK

The Houston Chronicle's Julie Mason reports on Ralph Nader's struggle to get on the ballot in Texas, which has one of the earliest deadlines and toughest requirements to secure a place on the ballot. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

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