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The New York Times' Halbfinger and Wilgoren report that Kerry yesterday "attacked the Bush administration" "for what he called 'a secret deal' with Saudi Arabia to cut oil prices in time to help the president in the November election." Note the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds "greater public confidence in Mr. Bush's ability to deal with Iraq and terrorism." LINK

Glen Johnson of the Boston Globe writes up Sen. Kerry's attacks on the alleged Bush-Saudi gas deal while on the trail in Florida yesterday. "In a state where gas is selling for more than $2 a gallon and in a country where gas prices have risen an average of 29 cents a gallon since late December, Kerry added: 'Those aren't Exxon prices we see, ladies and gentlemen. Those are Halliburton prices.'" LINK

"The mere mention of the book by Woodward, who as a Post reporter helped expose the Watergate scandal, brought murmurs and nods from the crowd, a mix of senior citizens on fixed incomes and students attending the commuter school."

USA Today's Lawrence and Drinkard Note Sen. Kerry's reaction to the deal was that of disgust. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny and Paul Singer report that Kerry urged voters Monday to hold Bush accountable for high gas prices, seizing upon a report that the White House allegedly brokered a secret pact with Saudi Arabia to lower fuel prices in advance of the November election. LINK

The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos writes -- without factoring in the new polling -- that all the bad news facing President Bush right now is allowing Sen. Kerry to just slip into the background, and that could be a good thing for Kerry. LINK

The AP's Mike Glover Notes Sen. Kerry making a shift from Iraq to the environment as Earth Day approaches. "In its critique, Kerry's campaign said the president's air quality proposals will send 21 tons more pollution into the atmosphere, contribute to up to 100,000 premature deaths from respiratory troubles and induce millions of asthma attacks." LINK

The New York Times' Kit Seeyle reports that, unlike Al Gore four years ago, John Kerry plans to make the environment a central issue in the election, Noting his advisers' view that the President's environmental record "will be a powerful motivator in getting voters to the polls." LINK

The AP takes a look at the three new Kerry ads. "The ads are running in some states that he typically wouldn't campaign in because they are Democratic strongholds -- California, New Jersey and New York. He's using the ads, instead, to raise funds." LINK

The New York Times' Robin Toner on the intersection of Catholicism and politics as some conservatives argue that pro-choice politicians "cannot have it both ways, presenting themselves as faithful Catholics while voting against the church's clear teachings on abortion" and urge bishops to deny John Kerry communion, "a prospect that fellow Catholic political figures who support abortion rights describe as deeply troubling." LINK

The Los Angeles Times Notes that "Kerry advisors hope that (Joe) Lieberman, the first Jewish candidate on a major-party ticket, will help the 2004 Democratic ticket carry Florida. Lieberman remains popular in Florida, home to a large Jewish community." LINK

The Jacksonville Times-Union cover the Teresa Heinz Kerry campaign event Monday where 75 people came to listen to her talk about her roots and her husband's health care, energy and public service programs. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

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