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On a day when Washington is focused on confusion and horror in Iraq, tomorrow's key job numbers, Sen. John Kerry's expected $40 million+ (+++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!) quarterly take, the DSCC's $7 million March haul (Thanks, Mr. Obama!), continued GOP fundraising prowess, and on highway bill and welfare reform deliberations -- President Bush signs a base-strengthening bill in the Rose Garden at the White House, Sen. Kerry recovers from surgery, and The Note is looking slightly further into the future.

All the way through that sunny month of fools -- April.

Do take a look at some of our favorite events slated to take place in the 30 days to come!

-- Today or tomorrow, expect the Kerry campaign to announce it has raised more than $40 million for the first quarter of this year, shattering all sorts of presidential campaign fundraising records for a candidate and a Democrat. One number that will surely go by the wayside -- Howard Dean's $14.8 million party record. Don't be surprised if the campaign's take breaks other interesting marks, too -- including a possible record number of contributors by some key measures . . . (Now: what to do with that cash . . . )

-- Bush-Cheney 2004 holds its National Party for the President Day, leading even more people to believe that Ken Mehlman is the political Yoda of his time. And you thought DEAN had a grassroots movement . . .

-- Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) and Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) participate in Republican senatorial primary debate, offering the Club for Growth another chance at a press mention. Hoeffel crosses his fingers.

-- The Southern Republican Leadership Conference holds its conference in Miami Beach. Ed Gillespie speaks and Gov. Bush hosts a reception. (All just a few short miles away from South Beach! We can hear the bass/base thumping now!)

-- Opening day for Major League Baseball -- AND The Masters! Kerry will not throw out a first pitch. The vigorous VP Cheney just might and maybe the POTUS.

-- The Arkansas Democratic Party holds a fundraiser honoring Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.) and Gert Clark, leading the RNC to remember wistfully the days when The General spoke to its Razorback faithful. And when the state GOP had a cohesive party organization there.

-- FBI Director Robert Mueller participates in the Landon Lecture series at Kansas State University, sending all reporters covering the Sept. 11 Commission's activities to the edge of their seats.

-- Sen. Joe Lieberman discusses his presidential campaign and the 2004 election in a forum sponsored by the Hartford Courant. Jano Cabrera wonders why the paper was so tough on his boss when he was IN the race. Then Cabrera considers writing a Maslin-esque tome on the Lieberman campaign.

-- The Log Cabin Republicans hold their national convention in Palm Springs, Calif. "Lunch with Andrew Sullivan" is on the agenda.

-- Cokie Roberts' new book, "Founding Mothers," is released to widespread acclaim.

-- The Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Cheney v. U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Reporters wonder what Condoleezza Rice's testimony earlier in the month will mean to the Court's decision.

-- Kerry fundraises and fundraises and fundraises and lifts his arm above his head.

-- The Boston Globe shamelessly (but rightly) promotes its new Kerry tome.

See our futures calendar for all those dates and more.

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