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(And we are so curious as to what is on the VP's iPod.)

(5) The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman reports "the Bush administration this week began responding to the movement of jobs overseas, outlining how to make the U.S. labor force more competitive against international rivals. But some congressional Republicans -- unsatisfied with what they say is an overly complex, tepid answer -- are planning their own assault on "offshoring."" LINK

(6) Robin Wright on the speech NSA Rice was scheduled to deliver on Sept. 11 that would focus primarily on missile defense and not terrorism from radical Islamic groups. "The address was designed to promote missile defense as the cornerstone of a new national security strategy, and contained no mention of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden or Islamic extremist groups, according to former U.S. officials who have seen the text." LINK

President Bush is Washington, D.C. This afternoon, he'll sign the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" into law at an event in the Rose Garden. In the evening, he will attend the National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner with Mrs. Bush.

Sen. Kerry is recovering from his shoulder surgery at his home in Boston. He has no public events scheduled until Sunday.

The Senate will resume consideration of the TANF bill, while the House meets to complete work on the highway bill.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

President Bush is winding down his campaign fundraising appearances and brought in $1.5 million last night in a Big Fat Greek Fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

AP reports: "Greek surnames dominated the list of donors for the event, one day before a White House 'Celebration of Greek Independence Day.'"

The event, chaired by San Diego Chargers owner Alex Spanos, "was more upscale than some recent Bush fund-raisers, where donors were treated to boxed meals. On Wednesday night, each table had a bottle of wine," the AP Notes. LINK

The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign may be breaking all fundraising records, but the juggernaut might harm Senate Republicans' money efforts.

The Hill reports that "a number of the GOP's heavy hitters are bumping up against the $57,500 cap" on individual contributions to all party committees under the new campaign finance laws. LINK

The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller reports that Karen Hughes "made clear that things were not quite so smooth" in the Bush White House.

"The president, her adored boss, could be impatient and short tempered. She and Karl Rove, the powerful political adviser, had arguments. And she and the White House were slow to react to Democratic accusations that the president shirked some of his National Guard duty in the 1970's." LINK

It's not clear if the lunching ladies both had liver or just Ms. Hughes.

President Bush threatened "to cast his first veto on a popular highway bill filled with pet projects of Congress members" reports Carl Hulse of the New York Times, predicting that this may be a test to see if "Congressional Republicans are serious about their promises to restrain the deficit." LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt says the Bush White House has a "credibility gap," writing that "terrorism, the Iraqi war and Medicare are big items, and this president hasn't leveled with the American people."

Rice, Clarke, and the politics of the 9/11 Commission:

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