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Today, President Bush is in Washington, D.C. attending a luncheon with members of the Baseball Hall of Fame and a fundraiser at the Marriott Wardman Park.

The President will be shifting to doing more events for the Republican Party and candidates, but this will not be his last BC04 event, press secretary Scott Stanzel said. this morning.

The event tonight is the second major public fundraiser the president has attended in Washington. The last was on June 17 and brought in $3.5 million for the re-election campaign. The Vice President has attended one fundraiser in Washington, at the Mayflower Hotel on Oct. 29, that raised $500,000. Cheney is not expected to attend tonight's event.

Expect protests a-plenty by the AF of L C of IO and MoveOn.

Sen. Kerry receives shoulder surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston after doing an economic event.

Eyewitness to history: an occasional Note series:

ABC News' Ed O'Keefe, he of little sleep but hearty soul, provides this exclusive glimpse of life aboard the redeye back to Boston from the Left Coast:

"Kerry looked fairly good this morning — wearing the same suit and tie as last night but he may be headed home to change before the satellite speech and roundtable. Still no word on whether third year Harvard Medical student daughter Vanessa will scrub in for the procedure. When asked if he would mind if she did, Kerry replied yesterday on his campaign plane, 'That's cool.'"

"Everybody was out cold … the Secret Service moved the non-poolers an hour early, forcing them to wait on the plane for the candidate and pool. The luxury 727, with all brown leather, near fully reclinable first-class seats, was much more comfortable than the plane which crushed Kerry and the corps overnight from Seattle to Boston after Feb. 3. Teresa Heinz Kerry toured the press cabin, browsing at digital memories of the trail and desperately searching for her favorite New York Times reporter. Heinz Kerry attempted to wake Boston Globe reporter Pat Healy, poking him, with no success. The plane arrived an hour and 15 minutes late, to rain and cold, having left a sunny, star-filled evening in southern California On board for the Kerry cabin sleepover: Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Vanessa Kerry, Bob Shrum, Morehouse, Wade, and Warren."

Rice, Clarke, and the politics of the 9/11 Commission:

Philip Shenon and Elisabeth Bumiller drew the main story duty for the New York Times, writing, "President Bush bowed to growing political pressure … " The duo also refer to the delight of the 9/11 Commission members at the White House's "sweeping concessions." LINK

David Sanger's New York Times news analysis is an absolute must-read, in which he demonstrates his understanding of this White House in these three key graphs: LINK

"His decision to reverse course, dropping his claim of executive privilege preventing public, sworn testimony by his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, was part of a distinct pattern that has emerged inside this highly secretive White House."

"The first reaction to most demands for outside inquiries, or for details about energy policy decisions or intelligence concerning Iraqi weapons or Nigerian uranium, has been to build walls: Mr. Bush, or more often Mr. Cheney in his stead, asserts a clear, inviolate principle that the president and his advisers need the freedom to gather information, develop policy and exchange ideas in private."

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