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Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appeared on CNBC's Dennis Miller Live, a rare television interview for a man who tends to leave the national spotlight to his brother. The Tampa Tribune reports, though, that this will not be a regular thing. "He said he agreed to the appearance as a favor to Mike Murphy, the show's consulting producer and a political adviser who handled Bush's campaign advertising in Florida in 1998 and 2002."LINK

The Orlando Sentinel's Mark Silva profiles First Lady Laura Bush (who says she finds the title "artificial") and her stand-by-your-man approach to his re-election campaign. LINK

A Brookings Institution study finds that President Bush has visited Pennsylvania 27 times, Florida 24 times, Missouri 18 times, Michigan 17 times, and Ohio 16 times between 2001 and 2004. Wisconsin comes in sixth, with 11 presidential visits. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reprints Jim VandeiHei's creaky Kerry body story from yesterday. LINK

Ed Anderson of the Big Easy's Times-Picayune reports that Gov. Kathleen Blanco will propose a new bill to clean up Louisiana politics' reputation for wheeling and dealing. The bill will require all state elected officials to disclose their financial situation and sources of income; currently, only the governor has this requirement. LINK

Ed Vogel of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a recent addition of 48,200 jobs to the state of Nevada places it's growth at the top of the chart in the United States. LINK

Edward D. Murphy of the Portland Press Herald writes on "the monster offshore" and its affect on Maine small businesses and residents. LINK

Bush Administration strategy/personality:

Dr. John H. Marburger III is "first line of defense against accusations that the Bush administration has systematically distorted scientific fact and stacked technical advisery committees to advance favored policies … " LINK

" … to a degree not seen in previous administrations, a wide range of influential scientists — even many who say they like Dr. Marburger personally and respect him professionally — express dismay at White House science policy." Make sure you don't miss the Howard Gardner quotes.

Rev. Al Sharpton:

FEC giveth and taketh away. Sharpton is not eligible for $100,000 in matching funds as the FEC continues to look into possible campaign finance irregularities within his campaign. LINK

Reproductive politics:

The Los Angeles Times on day one in federal district court. LINK

"The simultaneous trials — in U.S. District Courts in San Francisco, New York City and Lincoln, Neb. — raise the profile of what is expected to be an important abortion-rights battle just as election year kicks into high gear."

The politics of same-sex marriage:

The New York Times' Hulse delivers an excellent lesson in Washington speak. LINK

"When listening to both sides in the fight over the proposed Constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage, it sometimes seems the debate is about everything except whether the government should recognize the marriage of two people of the same sex."

"The arguments being used as Congress considers the amendment are typical of the way lawmakers often confront intensely emotional and potentially divisive subjects: they try to find more socially and politically acceptable ways to frame the issue."

The Boston Globe's Rick Klein writes up the Massachusetts Legislature vote passing the gay marriage ban yesterday. LINK

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