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The AP's Mike Glover writes up how the Bush campaign has made this a tough week for Kerry — as has Kerry himself. "The primary win was one bright spot during a series of tough days for Kerry. He came under a choreographed assault from Republicans from Bush on down after refusing to name the world leaders he says privately support his campaign. At the same time, Bush launched negative campaign ads that seek to define Kerry in harsh terms for the many voters to whom he is still unfamiliar. Both moves have made it difficult for Kerry to get his message out to voters."LINK

The New York Daily News' Helen Kennedy scores the wood with her campaign wrap of the fully joined battle. LINK

"President Bush and Senator John Kerry all but called each other liars yesterday as the presidential campaign continued to gather both steam and venom."

Roll Call's Ethan Wallison and Chris Cillizza report that the Bush campaign has stepped up its use of congressional surrogates recently. "Republican lawmakers are turning on the heat everywhere the Democratic candidate goes nowadays — and even in places he's already been." They do Note, though, that Kerry's campaign is attempting to organize a similar system, "but so far their communications apparatus has not evolved to a point where it can match the GOP blow-for-blow."

ABC News Vote 2004: Sen. John Kerry:

Hanna Rosin of the Washington Post profiles Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager and "motor" of his campaign. LINK

The profiles has the obligatory Jim Jordan e-mail, nice details about the early morning conference meeting, dozens and dozens and dozens of quotes about Cahill's steely reticence and rightly Notes the prominent role of one John Martilla.

Stephen Koff of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on Teresa Heinz Kerry and her speaking out against Wal-Mart, a business she claimed last month "destroys communities." However, Notes Koff, that does not stop her from investing at least $1 million in stock in the company she so despises. LINK

Sharon Theimer of the AP writes up the $10 million in 10 days Internet money drive lead by the Clintons and other members of the Democratic elite for the Kerry campaign.. "The former president, taking up his longtime role as the Democrats' fund-raiser in chief, sent prospective donors an e-mail Tuesday urging them to help meet the online fund-raising oal."LINK

Glen Justice's version: LINK

Ken Bazinet of the New York Daily News writes up Bill Clinton's electronic fundraising appeal and looks ahead to your next Clinton e-mail. "Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) plans her own E-mail appeal in the next few days," writes Bazinet. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' La Ganga explores the pros and cons of utilizing Bill Clinton in this campaign and includes this: "In an e-mail sent to 2.3 million Democrats — the combined mailing lists of the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee — Clinton called on the party faithful to respond to Republican attacks by "flooding" Kerry headquarters with donations." LINK

A Texas Republican (not that one!) is selling "imaginary foreign leader endorsements" on eBay according to Rush & Molloy. LINK

And make sure you don't miss the cartoon on Page Six today on the same topic.

Dick Morris offers up some free advice to Kerry, who Morris thinks is making a tactical error by only rebutting the president's $900 billion tax hike claim and allowing the national security attacks to go unanswered. LINK

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